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Monday, January 4


yuhuuuu peepsss..... want more updates on pearls, please click on the new site ya!!


thanks again for keep coming to my pinky blog ^0^v....

Monday, December 14

pearl's new site

salam and hello peeps!!!

i would like to announce that i moving to a new site now and hope u all can see me at

my new blog is still under construction heheee... coz am waiting for my hubby to finish his drawing for new pearls blog.

actually, i've been thinking of using my own domain a couple of months ago but dunno how and where to register. and after my first paycheck from Nuffnang, i and a little advise from blogger friend, i decided to get the service from ServerFreak. my lucky i guess they are having a promotion at that time and i get 10% off buying their product.

as for my new 'house', i asked a quotation from Cindy to have my own personal template. but it have to wait till next year i guess.... i need to gather all the materials first to be put in my new 'house'. ~~ *** abg adie.... sdh scan tu drawing ka?? ^-^ ~~

to my all lovely blogger friends, keep on coming to my blog as u will find updates (cross finger *sigh*) heeee... mmmm ok this is for real, there will be updates on my blog because am in a process of watermarking all the photos and oso uploading photos to my draft.

** to my very best blogger friend, Nadia, i will tell u how to get the domain n where to get it ya ^-^v



Wednesday, November 18


salam n hi all.... u might be wondering and asking what the hell is happening to pearl-stud-earrings??!!! where is the cute pink stripes template??!!! well, pearl-stud-earrings ia now .COM ^-^v actually, am in a process to refine my blog, whereby am using my own domain now and no longer with blogspot. I'll explain later why i suddenly decided to hv my own domain.

anw, just keep coming to my blog for updates because am still try to get use with wordpress. And if any of know how to transfer my old cute pink template to my new site, please let me know because I REALLY NEED HELPPPP!!!! uhuuuu...

till then.... wish me luck ^-^v

**am writing this post thru my blogspot posting... heheheeee

Wednesday, November 11

Environmental Stewardship Programme


We are calling out all UMS students to participate in our Environmental Stewardship Programme.

"Basically, environmental stewardship means taking the responsibility of protecting our planet by managing and caring for the natural environment"

The details of the programme are as follows:

TIME : 3 - 7.30 PM

Highlights of the event are:

1. BBQ
2. Beach Cleanup
3. Exhibition & Presentation
4. Games

The fee is only RM10 and if you interested to join, please look for me (Projek Pengkulturan Rumpai Laut, IPMB, UMS) or Pn Zarinah Waheed (IPMB). Payment should be made before 20th November 2009.

Tuesday, November 10

cute pink crocheted face mask

i've been crocheted this for my phone cover actually and stop for a while because i need to concentrate on hubby's scarf. but then i got idea to modified it into a face mask heheheeee....

am using buttons from button planet (i've been keeping the button for quite sometimes because am so sayanggggg the buttons. cute!!!) u should go to this site if u want to buy varieties cute colorful buttons. she sell imported buttons also!!

cute kan the button!!

to make it more interesting and cuter, i sewed the ribbon with LOVE buttons.

cute face mask in action!! photo courtesy from dj saliparjipun from dj sabahan.fm, thanks Roger, ko jg la... multi talented!! ^-^v

** am sure some of u must be wondering where was i kan??!! will update soon on that ya... masih upload n edited photos dulu... heheeee

meme'... another story.... ;)

meme' and durian.... we kinda surprised when we found out that meme' actually loves durian!!! heheheee... he was so excited when we came home with durians. he was jumping here n there and even asking us (in his own way la ba ni kunu... heheheee) to open the durian for him. but after 2 ulas, terus dia flat LOL!!

rest sekejap

then dia sambung lagi mkn satu ulas...

LOL!!! this was what he looked like after 15 minutes.....

mata kuyu2 sdh... paning la tu :dizzy::sleepy:

he's totally out.... for almost an hour jgk la dia titon... (he was sleeping on my hand... me pun actually passed out, too much durian i guess heeee)

then hubby took him to his arm... but meme' only managed to open his eyes for while before closing it again for another half an hour...

video of meme' asking us to open the durian.... :D we did have a video of hubby giving him face massage after he woke up, but i forgot where i save the vid. if i found it, will upload it to my blog ya ^-^

**begitu plak kan, klu kucing over mkn durian hehehee...

Friday, November 6

Random on Halo Cafe

as i promised... some more photos at Halo Cafe... I've been telling n blogging on WORM and never introduce them to u all kan.... silly me, sorry.... hehehee...

mel - drummer

jay - lead guitarist

adie - rhythm guitar

kay - vocalist

B - bassist

from left to right.... Audrey (Mrs. Manager) , Kay and Jenk Afzul (Mr. Manager)

mel n beth... welcome to WORMs family beth ^-^v

Khai Puma n Ebi Kornelis AF5

Jonathan was interviewing Kevin


Tuesday, November 3

Haloooooooooooooo Cafe ^-^

lagi cerita basi... ahaksss.... heheheee

anw, i was here last 2 weeks because hubby n WORM were invited by Jonathan Tse to perform acoustic version 3 of all WORM's songs. It was a great event! I kinda like the cafe because people who hang out there are not only teens but also families and veterans.... but the food and drinks are quite expensive though... RM5-6 for a glass of carbonated drinks!! We only had plain waters (and it's free LOL), we left the cafe with rumbling stomach, and headed to Lido for makan afterward.... ahaks!!!

the crowds...

daniel (hubby's colleague) and his wife... thanks for coming ^-^v

our table...

sound check before they start...

the show (can i use that word.... because it's kinda Jonathan's own show) called "My Story... tales of local talent" and not only WORM, there are three other local artistes were there. The first one is Kevin Tan, whose performed with his unique bamboo flute...

Cherry L.... she's a singer and plays a few instruments. She's talented and sings ballads songs. She can sing in 6 different languages i.e Malay, Mandarin, English, Hakka, Cantonese, and Hokkien. She's actually a fulltime health inspector and perform at Halo Cafe as a part timer. All the best to you Cherry!!

WORM performed right after Cherry....

Joanna Funk and her friends was the last artiste who performed that night. She's Sabahan though she's now living in Sabah for the first time. She plays melodica... (i played this isntrument when i was in standard six but we called it melodian at that time...) the sounds more like accordion. You can reach Joanna thru her blog by clicking this site!!

Joanna and 4AG band.... they are the first local Chinese metal band if am not mistaken. I kinda shocked to hear the vocalist's voice... it's.... mmm.... unique i guess... heheheee btw, if u want to see their performance you can just visit Joanna's blog.

Joanna and her friends playing jazzy song, Spain...

and last but not least, Jonathan himself performed his self-composed songs... o ya, forgot to tell u, Jonathan is also an artiste and he's composing his own songs.

That's it!! I hv nothing left to say, stay tuned because i hv some more photos on Halo Cafe coming up next!! ^-^v

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