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Wednesday, September 30

tickets for W.O.R.M album launching is ON!!!!


i hv a news for u all.... Pre-Launching Album W.O.R.M : 'Destiny in a Decade' is on 8th Nov 2009 at Shenanigans, Hyatt Hotel. If u want to come n support our local band, call this number 013852 1139 to get the ticket. It's only RM35!! and u stand a chance to get the cd for free and also a lucky draw!! or u can also contact me via my FB or email me at teruterubuzoct78@gmail.com to get the ticket. ^-^ v

Sunday, September 20

SALAM AIDILFITRI from me n hubby

Salam Aidilfitri to all my muslim friends and a very happy holiday to all my friends out there.... to my beloved followers, blogger friends, silent reader and everyone whole over the net... hehehee...

am sorry if i made any mistake and if i do, it was not my intention and love u all. thanks for all ur support!!! cheers!!!!

lots of hugs from me n hubby.... ^-^ v

Thursday, September 17

TAG HARI RAYA from chinadoll ^-^

Got this tag from chinadoll. feels like a long time ago after my last tag thingy. kinda miss and thanks to chinadoll heheheee....

so, here are the rules:

1. link to the person that tagged you and post the rules in your blog ~~ done
2. share Raya facts about yourself ~~ okie dokie
3. tag random people at the end of their post and include links to their blog ~~ ehhh wa karimasen.... hhmmmm
4. let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment in their blog ~~ okie dokie

1. Fav hari raya song...
named the singer and title of the song... find the song in youtube and post it here. sing along to the song as you answer the rest of the questions...

Song by Sanisah Huri, Selamat Hari Raya

2. Happiest memory of hari raya
hhhhmmmm... a lot, dunno where to start. but two things that makes me really happy is 'makan' all the time n family pictures!!! ^0^

3. Saddest hari raya
c roy (
my brother... he's in Japan right now) nda balik.... :(

4. worst hari raya habit
eat... eat... eat... eat... and eat some more... then eat (",)v

5. Fav kuih raya
kuih makmur... btg buruk and choc cake :D

6. fav thing to eat during raya
cookies... borasa n masak likku!!! :D

7. a must have during hari raya
~ borasa
~ ayam masak likku
~ gambang.... uhuuuuu

8. normal first hari raya activities
tidy up the house, wait for my parents come home (before married)... salam then makan!!

9. mail or email-s raya card
am not into this kinda thingy anymore... mcm malas.... tua sdh kali ni tau... uhuuuu

10. fav raya movies
i kinda watch everything.... malas bah mo p beraya except family's house

11. when do you start shopping raya
a few days ago... heheheee.... ums ni lmbt bayar gaji!!!! hhhmmppp!!!

12. duit raya... a must have or not?
a MUST have!!! especially for kids... ^0^

okie.... and i would like to tag..... fitri, butterfly frost, hikari, farhana, aimi, ratna, izan

Sunday, September 13

meme' kana marah ^0^

was busy tidying up the house while meme' was playing with my knitting thread... it was suppose to hubby's long scarf (am in a process of knitting hubby's long scarf for album launching). i wonder why cat loves to play with thread ball so much...

then hubby came and scolded for playing with the ball... heheheee...

and he went freeze ahakss!!

he didn't moved even an inch... hahahaaa...

Friday, September 11

random on melaka... again!!

my fav pavillion, MoA's... they hv lots of beautiful flowers.... ^-^

my fav catches, goat's milk.... heheheeee

they sell this vases a lot cheaper than normal price. for the big one, RM8 per piece!!

bernard and his iphone... he was with the iphone all the time...

biggest pumpkin!!!

one of my fav oso ^-^ v

Tuesday, September 8

beautiful life.... ^0^

my ol time fav ost song.... nda pernah bosan tgk ni dorama... hehehee... i first watched it during my final year degree at UMS. i always stayed up at night and one of the reason is this dorama, aired on channel ntv7 (besides 'becinta' with all my books and notes... heheheee)...

hhhmmm... i think i want to watch it again... soon after i finished 'my boss my hero'!!! ^0^

and this is another clip on the song....

Monday, September 7

different faces of meme' ^-^

pndi naik tp nda pndi turun...

minta puji...

watching tv....

was separating my laundry, and suddenly he came and landed on it....

chak!!! mcm pink panther plak rupa ko me'.... hehehe


this is what he normally do if we asked him not to linger on our bed...

aksi comel to pujuk us la ni kunun...


after bath.... heheheee

serius jua!!

hahahaa... nmpk montot jak!!

Friday, September 4

another on melaka trip

sabah pavillion... before the actual exhibition...

melaka pavillion...

Tuesday, September 1

round table at Gayang...

after came back from melaka, i got a sms from my boss invited us for dinner at Gayang restaurant in tuaran. the dinner was for celebrating one of the final year student finished his intern. and since liyana's birthday was just passed, so we decided to celebrate it together.

nyonya fish head...

our food.... nyummm... nyummm...

liyana... my boss... and azwan...

finished mine.... hhhmmmm.... we leave with full stomach n i even tapau the nyonya fish head... hehehee

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