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Thursday, April 30

scrappy... scrappy... scrappy... \^0^/

photos taken during zar's big day!! noticed her, she's in white dress... beautiful..... and elegant heeee... we LOVE her dress so much!! btw, she's having this wedding reception at STAR and only closest friends are invited. later that evening, after everyone went home, we hang out at their hotel room and leave about 1am... it was really a sweet and memorable moment... i never imagine that faz can be romantic... he's willing to do anything as told... heheheee... anw, sometimes guys can be someone that we really never expect them to be and what they are capable of... hhhmmmm...

wallpaper tag ^-^

being tag by butterfly frost... and this tag is about your current wallpaper. hhhmmm... i've second thought to do this tag because my wallpaper has hubby's face. need to do something to cover hubby's face before i posted. ok, don't ask me because i also don't know why is he being so mysterious.... hmmmm... anw, the rules are...

1. printscreen your wallpaper now... see photo above

2. why do you like it... because we look adorable on that picture. act, it was my new scrappy project. photo's taken during my friend's, zar, wedding.

3. tag 10 other friend/blogger.... ooooo, i like doing this heeee

kimora san
greg ~~ you can do this once you're back, okie!! ^-^

and would love to tag every and each one of you!!!

Tuesday, April 28

how well you knew your hubby...??!!

copied this tag from nadia... kinda interesting... heheheee.... hhhmmm... how well do i know my hubby?? ooopppssss... i think i can't answer some of the question...heeeeeee... ok, let me see...

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
~~ national geographic and all discovery channels ~~

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
~~ he barely eat salad... but he loves malay salad with 'sambal belacan' (shrimp paste) ~~

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
~~ he's not fussy about food... he can accept anything but he's allergic to strawberry and he cannot consume strawberry or any strawberry products! ever heard of G6PD deficiency?? ~~

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
~~ "kasi sy kupi o ping satu" (iced coffee)... food?? normally, i suggested what he wants to eat, unless he already decided what he want. anything with shrimp in it, he'll say yes! ~~

5. Where did he go to high school?
~~ Maktab Sabah. i wonder why they called it 'maktab'... anyone...??? ~~

6. What size shoes does he wear?
~~ hhhmmmm... he wore size 7 shoes and sometimes he's comfortable with 8. GOD, he's very fussy whenever he wants to buy shoes.... he can spend a day looking for THE one, and come back another day to buy it when he is certain with his choice... ~~

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
~~ hhhmmmm... this is tough... as far as i'm concern, it changes according to his mood... he has a few collections of ferrari car (he bought it from Shell, he loves to play with it), shoes, caps and knives. he wished he can buy another guitar... ~~

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
~~ egg sandwich, i guess... he loves egg. egg with tuna would be great for him oso. as i said, he's not fussy about food as long as it's not strawberry... ~~

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
~~ shrimp, egg and roasted lamb... :what::what: oh nooo.... cholesterol!!! ~~

10. What is his favorite cereal?
~~ he rarely eat cereal, but cornflakes ok... he can accept that. and oat, plain or with pistachio... ~~

11. What would he never wear?
~~ hahahahaaaa.... cute pink t-shirt!!! :laugh:he hates it!!

12. What is his favorite sports team?
~~ "you'll never walk alone"... Liverpool of course... actually its my team oso... yup, we kinda shocked when we came to know that we hv a same passion on EPL!! :pompom::pompom:~~

13. Who did he vote for?
~~ nobody, i guess... he did register as voters but he didn't go for voting... ~~

14. Who is his best friend?
~~ hhhmmmm.... i would say Boy. or should i add.... and the rest of W.O.R.M's members... heheheheee.... ok ka tu abg adie??? ~~

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
~~ hhhmmmm.... giving him "that look" (only he knows how)... ~~

16. What is his heritage?
~~ Jawa... hhmmm.. my FIL is Jawa from beaufort, and my MIL is mixed... brunei-chinese-..... oooppppsss, i forgot the rest of it... heeeeee ~~

17. What is his favorite colour?
~~ black... and sometimes he can tolerate to light purple but definitely NOT pink! ^-^ ~~

18. What is his habit?
~~ raised his eyebrow, and he always wearing cap whenever he go out.. ~~

19. What is he proud of?
~~ hhhmmm... so far, he is blessed of what he hv now... ^0^ ~~

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
~~ yup, definitely!! he's one of my silent reader... ~~


photos of hubby was taken at coffee bean damai... he still doesn't want to show his face on my blog!! we were on leave last monday and decided to spent our rest day hanging out there... nice and peaceful, it's just us there ^-^

i thought this is easy... its hard actually... "ya la nadia, susah pula mo buat ni tag tau..."
anw, i want to tag...

kimora ~~ future hubby... ^-^ ~~
china doll
ynaa ynaa ~~ future hubby... ^-^ ~~
via (sew & stitch)


Thursday, April 23

fiELd trIP to SulSel ~ part 3

hey there... if you're aware of my last entry on trip to sulsel was on february... it's been more than a month now!! am so sorry for keeping this photos from you guys... so, here's the sequel of my trip to sulawesi selatan.. fyi, all these photos are my fav collection which i took from my friend, sof's camera. and most of the photos are taken by her. thanks so much dearest, mmuahhh!!

me at Fort Rotterdam (one of historical places in Makasar) main gate...

inside Fort Rotterdam

me at Universitas Hasanuddin
(Hasanuddin was Bugis warrior who fight for Indonesian from colonization)

me & neil at Universitas Hasanuddin...
(look at neil's head... heheheheeee...)

me & my boss, Abg Ramlan...
(yup... i called my boss, "abang"... means big brother)

photo taken along the way to Payo Maros.
people there produce their own salt...

this photo taken at the leader's house of Kabupaten Takalar...
(kabupaten means district or "daerah")
*** p/s : photo of the flower was meant for zar's mom... she loves orchids...

hereeeeee ducky... ducky...

she can't speak in Malay Indo... she's only understands their dialect, which is i forgot the name of the village... the place is one of seaweed producer in Makasar.

most memorable place to eat... i just love this place. if you look closely at the sign board there (click the image to enlarge),it says farewell party... we're having a farewell dinner actually... it's not really a party!! heheheeee...

the food..... it was delicious!! i love it!! seriously, i really want to go there again.

look... who's taller...??!! :laugh:
(hhhhmmmm.... how i wish i can still fit that diesel jeans... it was my fav!!)

this photo was at Surbaya Airport... look at the taxi, it's toyota vios!!

bumble bee... heheheee... this one's taken at Air Asia KL air port, we were waiting for our flight back to KK.
(habis la klu my boss saw this...kekekeeeee...)

and this is my best friend, sof. thanks sof, luv u soooo much!!!!

me n giant pooh... ^0^

another scrappy from me. and this time i made something for myself. i really, really, really, L.O.V.E this photo because we look sooooo cute together!!

photo was taken (by sof) during our (me & and the rest of my colleague) visit (it's a field trip actually) to Sulawesi Selatan. after spending half of our day visiting seaweed farm, me n sof went to the mall (i forgot the name) and do some shopping...

hhhmmmm... how i miss my trip to indonesia. i love to go back there... the only thing i admire there is the FOOD!!!! \^0^/

** all the gadgets for digital scrapbook are courtesy from picaboo software and shabby. just click the link for free download.. zillion thanks to picaboo and shabby for sharing... ^0^

Friday, April 17

i'm loving it!!! ^0^

i just love this scrappy thing... i was scanning my brain for some ideas for my proposal.. instead, i finished this one!! ahaks!!.... i don't know what will my boss/supervisor said about me if they found out what am i doing now... uhuuuuuu...

btw, it's scrappy for little baby awfiyah... isn't she adorable... the camera loves her!!
~~ click the image to enlarge ~~

semporna trip ~~ workshop day - 1st day

1st day.... the workshop was held in informal form. there's presentation from Dr. Suhaimi and also from our guest speaker, Dr. Ian Neish. Dr. Ian is from Cook Island, if am not mistaken... he's now stayed in Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia, and he's the founder of Seaplant Foundation. He's one of the first person who came to Semporna back in 1970's and introduced seaweed to the farmers. He told us that he stayed at Pulau Sipadan at that time but he moved to Indonesia in 1990's due to Abu Sayyaf abduction.

ice-breaking session...

a bit blur... hhhmmm... where am i...?? noticed me there at the front... yup, am the chairperson........

me n Dr. Suhaimi

me and Dr. Ian

*** do you know that almost 70% O2 (oxygen) that we consume everyday is come from the sea, i.e from deep down at the bottom of the sea... seaweed, algae, seagrass etc.... so, LOVE OUR SEA...

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