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Wednesday, July 29

i surrender...

just watched 'celine dion live in vegas' concert while having my lunch... hhhmmm... am amazed, am overwhelmed, am thrilled, and i cried in the end... fantastic!!! its breath taking... 'i surrender' is one of my favourite...

hubby downloaded the concert for as a surprise, actually. i've been looking for the cd/dvd here around kk, but could not found one. then last night hubby play it on our notebook while i was just finished my solat... i know he's been up to something because he keep saying that he hv a surprise for me. i hv a feeling it was something to do with celine... hehehee... and he denied it... but hey... it is celine... heheheee.... thanks so much hubby, luv u!! am surprised. am not expected it would be really a celine's vegas concert.

it was her first concert after a year giving birth to rene charles. she was somewhere watching visual theatre performance if am not mistaken and decided to make a visualize dramatic concert in vegas as a comeback.

am definitely going to watch it again... heheheee....

Monday, July 27

karangan - cerita seram.... eeeee...

got this email from a friend, jar... it said 'Karangan - Cerita Seram'.... though i hate ghost story, i still want to read it... and guess how the story flow.... heheheheee... funny plak!!! ^0^

i dunno who should be blame, the teacher, the parents or the student??!! well... hhhmmm... definitely the student la i guess... oo??!!

** betul2 kehabisan idea la ba ni... ketara la boring!

** never thought the teacher would asked "Hantu itu gembira jugak kah?" .... kwang, kwang, kwang....

something to ponder...???

i read this article and this blog just now... am not trying to start a conflict here but its just for our knowledge. i love her movies especially 'sepet' and adore her talent... what ever it is, lets us pray that she/he will rest in peace... nauzubillah...

Saturday, July 25

w.o.r.m.'s vid clip shooting

another photos of the shooting.

at sembulan tunnel...

and a 6 seconds video for wrap up... heheee... according to them, the vid will be aired sometime around next month at channel 180, for sabahan artist segment.

karnival penyelidikan & inovasi 2009 ~1

i took these photos during UMS research and innovation carnival on 10th july. reason i went to the carnival because my boss's poster participating in the event. went there to give him a moral support. he won the third place!! congratulations!!

ums chancellor's lobby... pelik kan, at first i thought they've moved the event to another place coz no ones around when i reached there...

but when i entered the hall.... aaaa.... there they are... it's down there...

our booth... marine borneo research institute... the booth purposely for poster presentation and was valued by a few judges from ums itself.

hyeeee aimi... heheheee...

i saw someone baaaaaaack there... behind the flowers, he looks familiar??!!

it is you bernard... our science officer... kasian, dia saturang jak sana. so, i chatted with him for a while then went on..

bernard was looking after our other exhibition booth.

two of seaweed product... crackers and chocolate wwith seaweed fillings.

** there's part two... hehehee

Friday, July 24

received this award from mas last week. many, many, many thanks to your dear.... as usual i'll pass these awards to....

kimora san
adik chela
sis butterfly frost
lovely niece, fitri
greg chai
adik ynaaoynaa
adik farhana
azlena poniman
adik hikariprincess

entry yg minta puji... heheheee

our dinner last night... potato chips, salad, mashed potato (another potato), ayamas chicken patty and ayamas frankfurter... heheheeee



ready, camera, action!!

as i promised you guys, this is my first update on the teaser i blogged about last week. we left home at about 7am heading to hubby's friends house, picked them up and straight to Tg. Aru Plaza to get all the technical things to bring along to the site.

our first destination.... Tg. Aru Plaza roof top...

after breakfast at kingfisher, we make a move to DBP... the site is just across DBP building.

unloading all equipment to be placed on the site... wah, samak jua??!!

the cameraman.... i've been told that he used to work with KRU company, while shooting "the Cicakman the movie". he's the assistant cameraman. can't really remember his name.... hhhmmmm...

ready to roll....

the director.... can't get his name oso... heheheee... mcm a few sj i remember thier names (besides W.O.R.M) yg dua2 ni, the director and the cameraman, tia dpt copy paste... ahaks!!

heheheee... yup annieming... betul laitu, i make up org bah tuh... heheheee... but not that complicated la since they are guys... besides am not that kinda person who likes wearing make up, and am not that expert on 'coloring' faces... ^0~ but since hubby ask for help so i just do la!

actually last sunday, we went for W.O.R.M, 2.00 am, video shooting! the first location is near DBP and later that night we were at sembulan tunnel. according to the director, they are suppose to shoot at roof top of imperial hotel, warisan at 4pm then the tunnel. unfortunately, because of heavy rain and strong wind, they decided to canceled it and do a few shots at the tunnel instead. mcm havoc jgk la... penat plak jd artis ni kan.

got some more photos of the shooting and will post it later!

Thursday, July 23

our little babies....

waaaa... it seems so long since my last visit... for warm up, i posted this entry... remember i told u about cherry tomatoes that i 'tapau-ed' from le meridien. i intend to grow it actually and here come our babies!!!! cuteeeee..... me n hubby was so thrilled. never expected it would be grow that fast, less than a week. hubby done a little research on it and it says that we can only see the result with in a week. but we managed to grow less than a week... bravo to us!!

kuchi... kuchi... kuuuuu...

less than two weeks....

Saturday, July 18

pearl's first teaser ^-^

this is my first time teaser ever... heheeee... it'll be a very busy day tomorrow for us. will blog about it next week!!

for the time being, i'll share with you some photos for tomorrow's activity... heheheee...

hhhmmmm... make up set...

crocheted half face mask... for what??!!

and a few attires... ironed.

heheheeee.... am not going to tell u yet what am i going to do with all these things... u'll hv to wait. sure i'll be really tired tomorrow... got some more photos for u guys and it's all taken from last week activities. and i will post it on the blog surely by next week.

as for now, am so sorry for not visiting ur blogs coz am off to bed now. need to wake up early tomorrow. oso so sorry for not stopping by last week, am so caught up with my classes and my methodology course. but we should meet again next week ya for more photos and updates!! see ya and night everyone... ^0^

naked chef... heheheee

lets cooking everyone!!! i want to share one of our favorite dish... tawaurian especially bugis called this berrobo' (am i get the right spelling there... well, tawaurian, correct me if am wrong ya).

anw, before i proceed, these are the main ingredients...

1. spices, i.e soup powder (u can either use 'sup bunjut'), 3" of cinamon (need two of it), 1 teaspoon of cloves, 'bunga lawang' (i dunno what was it in english), a teaspoon of coriander (ketumbar), a few nutmegs (crushed)

2. shrimp... cleaned. normally people throw away the head, but if u clean the head and mixed it with the soup, it would be more tastier...

3. a cup of rice... cleaned and toss it.

4. hhhmmm.... what is this in english... we call this as 'chemangi' leaves... smells good and always use in soups especially vege soups... (ala, org tawau... tlg dulu translate ni... apa aa nm lain dia...??)

5. corn...

the instruction...
1. pre heat the cooking pot, and put inside 3 tablespoon of cooking oil. after heated, cook all the spices until it turn yellowish...

2. add some water...

3. stir it frequently...

4. then add three or four glasses of water, then also rice, along with corn and the shrimp... bring it to boil with small flame. if you like it more soupy, u can add more water.

5. add some salt... about 1 and half tablespoon of it.

6. let it boil for a while, lastly put in the 'chemangi' leaves... then it's ready!!

7. walla!!! add some lime juice with soy sauce and chillies for great taste!!

enjoy.... ^-^

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