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Monday, December 14

pearl's new site

salam and hello peeps!!!

i would like to announce that i moving to a new site now and hope u all can see me at

my new blog is still under construction heheee... coz am waiting for my hubby to finish his drawing for new pearls blog.

actually, i've been thinking of using my own domain a couple of months ago but dunno how and where to register. and after my first paycheck from Nuffnang, i and a little advise from blogger friend, i decided to get the service from ServerFreak. my lucky i guess they are having a promotion at that time and i get 10% off buying their product.

as for my new 'house', i asked a quotation from Cindy to have my own personal template. but it have to wait till next year i guess.... i need to gather all the materials first to be put in my new 'house'. ~~ *** abg adie.... sdh scan tu drawing ka?? ^-^ ~~

to my all lovely blogger friends, keep on coming to my blog as u will find updates (cross finger *sigh*) heeee... mmmm ok this is for real, there will be updates on my blog because am in a process of watermarking all the photos and oso uploading photos to my draft.

** to my very best blogger friend, Nadia, i will tell u how to get the domain n where to get it ya ^-^v



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