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Monday, October 26

DiGi 3G... Broadband Done Right!!

Am truly sorry for keeping this post. It's been 3 weeks now. I totally forgot about it.... heheheee... ANW, since am a die hard fan of DiGi, i was so excited to know that DiGi is now spreading its diseases through out KK!!!! (and hopefully after this Tawau la coz my bro nda sabarrrrr sdh mo guna DiGi... heheheee)

O ya, if u noticed, especially those who live in KK, we can see lots of DiGi streamer and board along the road and highway kan.

we have one in Luyang...

one in Inanam, bypass Tuaran...

then, another one in Putatan...

There is one more DiGi board in Penampang, KK and lots n lots n lots of DiGi steamers along the way to Donggongon, Likas, Inanam and KK (depan Api2 Centre).... :)

And if u go to 1B, they are having big promotion on the broadband now. One of the promo is u can subscribe to DiGi dgn hanya RM88 only with unlimited download!!! And as for student, there is a promotion for u called Discover Campus Plan. With only RM58, u will get a FREE modem (yup, u heard me its FREE!!)... and enjoy reliable download speed up to 700kbps and maximum 3Gig for downloading!! But u have to be 18 - 25 years old to be able to subscribe the plan. So, those of u who are students but above 25 years old, u are advised to choose another DiGi plan.

o ya.... have u heard of DiGi Internet WIFI??!! Yup, DiGi offers that too. For u who live (or hv access to...) around Mid Valley Megamall, Subang Parade (Subang), Sunway Pyramid (Sunway), The Curve Mutiara Damansara, Menara IBM (KPMG, Bandar Utama).... look for Gloria Jean's Coffees Outlets, because they hv DiGi hotspot where u can surf the net free while enjoying 30% off for ur fav delicious hot chocolate drinks (only for DiGi users). The WIFI also available at any outlet that carries the "DiGi Internet Hotspot" logo!

Anddddd.... for prepaid users, u can now surf the net FREE after internet usage of RM5 daily. Experience the Internet as it should be on your mobile. Watch videos, upload pictures and send instant messages to your friends. All from your trusty mobile. No PC needed, just you, your mobile, and 3G by DiGi. Better speeds for lower prices. 3G now available in Kota Kinabalu and Penang, with EDGE speeds nationwide. For more info, click here!!

Well, peeps it's up to u how do you want to stay connect with ur cyber world!! Because DiGi serves you the better speed for less Broadband Done Right!!! For more info please visit this site or step in to their nearest DiGi stores. OR there's another way.... call their Helpline at 016-299-3333 OR 1-800-68-3333 (Toll Free Line) OR (since u've connected to the net using DiGi broadband) u can just email them at internetsupport@digi.com.my ^-^v

**community reached by pearlstudearrings brought to you by DiGi Broadband Done Right...

update!!! update!!! update!!!

waaaaaa!!!! i hv few updates.... and few photos to upload to blog as well as fb!! i wonder how she can manage to update her blog at the same time tweeting and fbooking everyday.... (no wonder she got that tittle ^-^ ) matai kudasai......

my activities last weekend....

1. play with meme'.... need to update stories on him...

2. went to Halo Cafe, City Mall... watched W.O.R.M perform live acoustic and their interview with Jonathan Tse and oso Bandwith mag.

3. can't remember really what else to blog... oooppppssss o ya, update on Digi broadband... gosh, i've been keeping this post for almost 3 weeks now.... duh!!! i am a lousy blogger!!! ahaks....

4. bbq gathering for KKRW next month... call out for KKRW new members.

well, everyone.... will update soon ya!!! sorry, for keeping it for so long...

Friday, October 23

terjumpa kawan blogger....

just came back from 1B. had lunch with friends just now at Old Town Cafe, i had mee curry and rose float... blh la tahan sedapnya...

lepas makan, terus blk. on a way out tu i met my blogger friends, neneth n zura.... (i knew them when i was looking for knitting lesson on the net and they are the one who teaches me a lot about knitting!!)

i was passing them thru and was thinking that i knew them.... hhhmmmm of course i knew them, silly me!! sorry girls... sy betul2 tia sedar bah tu. i was actually thinking about my baju.... i accidentally spread some curry and sambal on my right hand baju kurung. and it annoyed me!!! but i did turn back and had a few chat with them before we go. hhhmmm.... its been quite sometimes since the last time we met kan... heheheeee...

Thursday, October 22

personel collections for sale!!!

salam n hi peeps!!! for a past few days, i was trying to regain my energy. i really, really need a good long sleep.... mo bayar balik semua hutang tidur on weekends ni la!!

abg adie, mari kita tidurrrrrrrr.... heheheeee ( macam hentai plk siiiikit... heheheee)

btw, actually entry kali ni about a friend of mine. yatie.... if any of u know her by name, she used to have blog but she decided to stop blogging about 3 months ago. yatie, i kinda miss ur blog...

till now, we still contacted each other thru FB. fyi, she's opening a new blog but not personel. its a blog for on online shopping!! her new blog is specially to sell her personel items collection. most of her items are a brand new and never been used. she sell watches, handbags, keychains, mugs, jewelries, kain ela, perfumes and postcards.... most of the items are things that she bought from Dubai and locals oso.

if u interested to buy, just go to her blog, Yatie Collections and email her at yatiecollections@rocketmail.com the item/s that u wish to buy... ^-^v



kain ela


Monday, October 19

$200 LuShae Sweepstakes.... u r tag!!

hello peeps... i remember the first day i started my blog, i was thinking of writing more on jeweleries especially pearl earrings. my 1st was about the history of earrings. but then, when i decided to change my template and posted my first tag from kimora, i was excited and from that moment onwards i decided to make this lovely pearl's blog as my kinda personel blog besides blogging on pearls n jeweleries.

after a year involving in this blogging world, i kinda carried away with my personel things and neglected my pearls issue... till a few days back, i received an email from a friend asking me a favor to blog about her site. she was having this contest where you can win a jewelry by simply displaying one of her jewelry badges. so, this is the deal....

Enter our online competition for the chance to win $200 cash (to spend anywhere you like). Simply display one of our jewelry badges on your blog, website or social profile page and be automatically entered each and every month. The sweepstake giveaway is open to all countries.

Every entrant will also receive a 15% discount off the entire LuShae Jewelry range!

just follow 2 simple step and u stand a chance to be a winner. just visit this site for more info on how you can enter the contest!! come.... come.... come.... come laaaaa..... join the contest!!! ^0^

btw, this is the badge that i love and prefer to post on my blog!!! hehehee hope hubby will see this ahaks!! ;p


o ya... before i forget.... its a tag actually.... so here it goes, names listed below, u r tag!! heheheee

*** ooppppsss, i forgot to mention that u can tag ur other friends oso ^-^v

Monday, October 12

redmummy.com n meme'..... ^-^v

this vid taken last sunday. i was surfing the net... visiting friend's blog, looking for communication notes, googleing journal for my thesis... facebooking... and reading kak red's site (must read at least twice a week...) ^-^v

if u are one of kak red readers, u surely noticed that she used to hv this green template for certain occasion (ala, lupa plak the occasion...). well, my meme' love hanging around beside me everytime am on my notebook. and kak red's sites hv this little purple bird and picture of kids playing at the playground. the cute thing is whenever and whichever you scroll ur mouse on the bird n the kids, the bird will chirping and the kids laughing.... and meme' is verrrryyyyy sensitive with bird's sound. i accidentally click the bird and when meme' heard the chirping sound, he was so anxious to find the bird's whereabout... heheheee.... he was so cute.... with that higher level of curiosity...

Saturday, October 10

it's now on youtube!!! \^0^/

remember i blogged about W.O.R.M's shooting last July... and then another post on the shooting as well. well, am proudly announce to you all that the vid is now on youtube!!!! hhmmm am exciting!!! though i got the copy of the vid already and been watching it several times but when watching it on youtube, it's thrilled me... heheheeee...

so guys... if you want to watch it, click on this link... and don't forget to get a ticket for their first album pre-launch on november 8th, 7pm at shenanigan's hyatt!!

Thursday, October 8

sabah vfm..... and w.o.r.m

after class yesterday i rushed to hubby's office to pick up him coz w.o.r.m hv radio interview with sabah vfm (v is actually stands for variety - will explain to u why they call it variety...). i remembered my last visit to RTM building was 10 years ago!! am impressed with the studio now... true they spent a lot of money on renovating the place but i tell u it's worth it!! sure we can see where the money goes...

why v.... coz there's few other studios at the floor which is studio for malay, tagalog and english... there are a few others but i didn't get the chance touring on them.

studio for tagalog / sungai radio

this is a stand by studio... in case something wrong with any other studio, they will use this one.

sabah fm... the malay....

and this is where we were during the live interview.... the english radio. i adored the studio very much... very green!!! love it!!

see the carpet... am falling in love with it once i step in!!

dj christine n dj ivan

w.o.r.m and their manager, jenk...

group photo... w.o.r.m and the djs... after the interview session.

i hope i can slip in during their 2nd interview next month so that i can come to this greenery konti again... heheheee

Wednesday, October 7

raya faces....

photos taken on 1st day raya...

was thinking about something....

chela, mikail and me...

updating my blog n fbing... ^-^

maya, me n kisya

Sunday, October 4

another story of meme' ^-^

we were wondering how much meme' was gaining after a month being with us... and he was so sporting when we placed him on the scale, he was sitting there quietly giving us a chance to observed his weight. 3 kilos.... hhhmmmm... means he gain 1kg+++. need to increase more. ganbatte ne meme'!!! ^0^

'eee sudah la... malas sa'

eeee malu kunun... tapuk2 muka lagi!!

and this photos taken today at noon. we were about to go out and he went laying down at the door. hopping to get a chance to slip out... in ur dream la meme'!!! u are so grounded!! hehheee

minta kasian la ni kunu

mcm panjang pulak ko me' klu ko posed begitu....

meme' was about to attack me.... in ur dream la me'... like u can catch me, cheh... ahaks!!!

cute n lovely faces....

photos taken during 1st day raya.... photos of hubby's nephew n nieces.





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