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Wednesday, September 24

new face, new look, same topics...

learned from a friend that i can change my blog template. am spending almost whole day to update my blog. and...TADAAAA...looks new and fresh...and i like it so much!!

i will be away for a week for hari raya holiday. am going back to my hometown (TAWAU, SABAH). feel so excited n can't wait to celebrate raya this year. this is my first year raya as a WIFE \(^_^)/

and my family have never been blessed to have my brother with us bcoz he's coming back from japan this saturday. this is his first raya with our family after 8 years (if am not mistaken) due to "hard to get a ticket during peak season in japan" syukur...alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for all the blessed HE cherished us.

i will continue sending as much articles or pictures on pearls and so forth. will update the article on sabah pearls after raya...(hope someone will remind me of that...better ask my hubby to remind me later...heheee...)


Thursday, September 11

NEw pICs on peARLs

got this from google search image...love it!!

Wednesday, September 3

found this picture at "formandspace.com". such a beautiful pearls!!

pearl bracelets will enhance your beauty

Pearl is considered as a invaluable gem from occasion immemorial for the reason that of its characteristic elegance and attractiveness.

Pearl bracelets improve a woman's on the whole look with its normal and stylish beauty. Pearl is considered as a invaluable gem from occasion immemorial for the reason that of its characteristic elegance and attractiveness. A bangle as an decoration itself is competent of giving a kind of self-confidence to the woman wearing and if it is a gem bracelet, she becomes the centre of magnetism.

The pearls can be ordinary or refined and the freshwater pearls are in huge requirement these days for the cause that not together from the usual white dye, there are additional colors like red, rose, the blue, the cream, the color the violet, the yellow, the golden, the silver etc. They also move toward in a group of shape like drop, the egg shaped, the round, the pears etc.

With so a lot of colors and diversity of shape, these freshwater pearls are fetching a real treasure for woman who worth taste and style. Pearl jewels are geared up in diverse designs and method with freshwater pearls every now and then mixed with other gems too. a number of of the styles of bracelets are sequence and association, in which the pearls are alienated with gray cable chain or gold, elastic bracelets where pearls are matching with bullion beads with the assistance of stretchable nylon. Then a bangle method of bangle, which is of many strands of pearl of identical or dissimilar colors tied in single silver clasp and fastening style is the bracelet with pearls with a clasp at the conclusion to grasp the bangle so that it holds on your wrist.

Pearl bracelets can be shopped online in addition and you will come across group of online stores and you have to investigate and discover out the most excellent well-matched for you. You should also have a good quality information of pearls previous to opting to pay money for online. In fact many of the online supplies have websites which present abundance of information on pearls. To keep away from scratching, pearl jewels should be reserved separately.

Because of their unusual attractiveness, the pearls are a much loved for jewelry. Their wonderful colors and shapes are more than ever set off in gem bracelets, and as such, pearl jewels are a much loved among women, and even a small number of men, alike.

Natural pearl for pearl jewels are deemed uncommon, and reasonably luxurious. Pearl bracelets with normal pearl are tough to come by - the majority pearl jewels sold are those prepared of cultured pearls.

Pearls for pearl ornaments can also be sea water or freshwater - it depends on wherever the natural of refined gem originated. Their shapes also classify pearls you will become aware of that no two pearl bracelets are accurately similar. This, in itself, gives a impression of individuality and, for that reason, value. The option of pearls does, for that reason, necessitate a number of consideration as the ended result may, or may not, be to your personal taste and preference.

Article Source: http://www.articlesnatch.com

About the Author:
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3 pearls options every bride should know about

In keeping with the notion of purity and innocence, pearls are a traditional wedding accessory, both for the bridal party and the bride herself. Lest that leave the bride-to-be feeling like she has no say in her jewelry choices, the following list of pearl options offers a means of customizing a long-time tradition.

Freshwater Pearls
Freshwater pearls are a common variety of the basic pearl and are famous for their diversity in terms of size, shape and color. Perhaps the best feature of the freshwater pearl is that despite its comparable beauty, it is less expensive than a saltwater pearl. Freshwater pearls are usually polished to expose their colors and subtle metallic overtones and can be found in every tone from slightly yellow to glistening black. Dyeing freshwater pearls is common practice and makes for consistent, striking pieces to be included together on a single piece of jewelry.

Keishi Pearls
Keishi pearls are the most distinctive-looking pearl you will see, due to their unique, uneven contours. Like the freshwater pearl, they come in many shapes and sizes, but the Keishi pearl is often flat or dimpled rather than perfectly circular, resulting in surfaces that can reflect the light in mysterious, unique ways. When strung together, Keishi Pearls create an accessory that boasts shimmer, texture and personality.

Coin Pearl
Also a freshwater pearl, the Coin Pearl looks just like its name - circular and flat like a disk, but with soft edges. Coin pearls make great pendants, earring drops and bracelet charms. Like all pearls, the coin pearl comes in a variety of colors, but is most commonly found in the traditional white. We suggest pairing the Coin Pearl with small, color-rich gemstones for a subtle match to your wedding's color theme.

About The Author

Cathy Pitts founded Dasha Boutique, which features customizable, handmade jewelry, in 2003. Go to http://www.DashaBoutique.com today to see artisan-crafted pearl designs that can be tailored to include preferred gemstones, gold or sterling silver. Orders ship in 2-3 business days.

Pearl bracelets

So you're interested in a pearl bracelet. What do you need to know about these fabulous pieces of pearl jewelry? The following will explain the most common types of pearl bracelets on the market today and their particular features.
Freshwater Pearl Bracelets - are ever increasing in popularity. The improvement in quality and economic pricing make these bracelets extremely attractive for many women. You can find these pearl bracelets in numerous forms such as fashion jewelry to your more common classic pearl bracelet.
Akoya Pearl Bracelets - Round, lustrous, and containing minimum imperfections, these types of pearl bracelets are commonly seen on women's wrists as elegant dinner parties, weddings, as well as other special events. In general Akoya pearls hold a higher quality as compared to freshwater pearls. Of course with the higher quality you're sure to encounter higher pricing but if you shop with a reputable company you're sure to get what you pay for!
Tahitian Pearl Bracelets - You won't find many people wearing one of these and the reason being is because they are considered a high end piece of jewelry with a hefty price tag. These types of pearl bracelets hold some of the most exotic pearls the pearl market has to offer! Combine it with diamonds and you'll sure to obtain a dazzling effect that will turn all heads to you.
Whatever your decision is, make sure you measure you wrist before you buy a pearl bracelet. Having a tight bracelet that will cut off your circulation will not be comfortable. To measure, you can simply use a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist as if it were the desired bracelet length. Mark the string and measure it up to a ruler. If it's 7.5 inches long then you know you'll need a bracelet that is around 7.5 inches long!
About The Author : The article is contributed by Rachana Agarwal, a professional content writer, having experiences of working in different industries. Currently, she is writing a series of write-ups to provide relevant and useful information for her readers. For further information on Pearl Necklaces and Pearl Bracelets please visit at http://www.alohapearls.com/

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