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Monday, March 30

finally!!! p(^0^)q

you wanna know why i was so eagerly to come home (besides my hubby), it was because of this.....

yup... finally, i got this...

remember my entry about maya's giveaway... well, to tell you guys that am one of the lucky winner!!! yeay!!!! ^0^

though i just got the no.4 giveaway, but am happy, sooooo happy!! thanks so much maya for choosing me... am kinda forget about the giveaway actually. i was in semporna and busy with that workshop. yet, i get a chance to check my blog n i got this email from maya telling me that i won the no.4 giveaway... hhhhmmmm.... sometimes things can get so easy when you really wish for it... n now, am still coming back to her blog. she has such a cute n adorable blog!!

btw, i got a cute tote pouch and bookmark... God knows how much am dying for that bookmark... ahaks!!

till the next giveaway maya!! ^-^

flowers everywhere.....

remember i told you about photos that i've been keeping in my folders. well this is it... thanks to hubby for editing the photos for me... big kisses to you!! ^0~

this is something to soothe our eyes.....

***in case you're wondering why i hv so much time to post my entries... well, normally i'll keep all my photos in my "to be post" or "abg adie tolong edit" folder, then i save it in my blogspot draft. whenever i get a chance to slip in my blog, i'll just edit it a bit then post it... then i get back to my work!! ^0^

us & earth hour...

hi there... it seems like ages since the last time am posting my last entry. and i still compiling all the photos on workshop in semporna. hopefully i can blog about it before friday, okie dokie??!!

anw, what did you do on saturday?? yuppp... it's earth hour... are you turn your light off?? hope so... btw, our earth hour is going quite well, i guess... but unfortunately our neighbour not so keen to turn thier lights off... i was praying that it will be black out that night but then it didn't happen. so i guess it's just us... hhhmmm...

before 8:30pm, we were..... preparing candles and lanterns (the one that we got from jar's wedding... heeeee)

niceeeeee.... very romantic...

hubby n me were having 'discussion' on earth hour and how are we going to do to minimize the climate change... we argue a little bit.... take some photos and nothing much to do, so i decided to close my eyes for a while... heheheee...

and this photo taken in front of our lobby... our office launched the earth hour campaign on last thursday. i was on leave that day, just came back from semporna....

p/s : mcm best jgk la, sekali sekala turn off the lights ni kan... ^0~ o ya, don't forget to vote for earth ya!!

Friday, March 20

hi... hi... bye... bye...

hi everyone... i will be away to semporna next week and will be back on friday. we had a seminar on Seaweed Value Chain... so no updates for you guys... but no worry, just come by to my blog... incase i hv something new to tell you guys will blog about it in semporna ya!! see you all next week.... hhhmmmm... am gonna miss this blogging thing!! luv you all... ^0~

Thursday, March 19

tagged by kimora san

TAG NO 1 ~~ picture tagged


Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder.

Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

hhhmmmm.... some of you must expected a picture of me or someone else. me oso... but when i went to my pictures folder, then click on the sixth folder i only found 4 photos in it. so i've decided to choose the fourth photo... heheheee... it's a picture of knitted bag that i downloaded from Jane Austen website. the bag was worn by emma (Emma)or someone else from Pride and Prejudice if am not mistaken. am plan to knit it actually... ^-^

and am tagging nadia, blossom, honey, greg, ratna, chinadoll, butterfly frost ^0~


TAG NO 2 ~~ i for you... ^0~

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle
2. For each questions, press the next button to get your answer
3. You must write down that song name down NO MATTER HOW SILLY it sounds.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name
5.Put this in your journal /Blog

The Results :

1. If someone says " Is this ok ?" ..You say ?
the mission ~~ jared letto (30 seconds to Mars) ~~ hahahaa...

2. How would you describe yourself?
from yesterday ~~ jared letto (30 seconds to Mars) ~~ heheheee... i like...

3. What do you like in a girl ?
godai aku lagi ~~ agnes monica ~~ ^0^ mcm nda kena2 jak ni...

4. How do you feel today?
beautiful lie ~~ jared letto (30 seconds to Mars) ~~ behhh...

5. What is your life's purpose?
i won't last a day without you ~~ the carpenters

6.What is your motto?
trashed and scattered ~~ avenged sevenfold ~~ HAHAHAHAAAA!!! ooo tidak....

7. What do your friends think of you?
burn it down ~~ avenged sevenfold ~~ ini lagi la... noooooo....

8. What do your think of your parents?
scream ~~ avenged sevenfold ~~ astaghfirullah al 'azimmm......

9. What do you think about very often?
we've only just begun ~~ the carpenters ~~ ^-^

10. What is 2+2 ?
seize the day ~~ avenged sevenfold ~~ ^-^

11. What do you think of your best friend?
please mr. postman ~~ the carpenters ~~ huh...??!!

12. What do you think of the person you like?
lucky ~~ jason mraz and colby caillat ~~ ^-^

13. What is your Life story?
oro serbia ~~ jelena tomasevic ~~ am not sure the meaning, i got the song from a friend who study at middle east...

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
i'm yours ~~ jason mraz ~~ huh...??

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
i'm alive ~~ celine dion ~~ whoa!! and i'm married to him now... ^0~

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
all by myself ~~ celine dion ~~ what...???!!!

17. What will they play at your funeral ?
muita bobeira ~~ luciana souza ~~ got this from my middle east friend oso. uuhhh... jazzyyyyy... astaghfirullah.... ketulahan la ni tau... hehehee...

18. What is your hobby / interest?
because you loved me ~~ celine dion ~~ hhhmmmm... la la la la laaaaa

19. What is Your biggest fear?
love song ~~ luna sea ~~ what??!!! this is my fav song la!!

20. What is your biggest secret ?
i don't know the title coz it's in Japanese, song by luna sea... ~~ it's a nice song though... aaahhhh...i get it, it's my biggest secret, it should be in other form so that people will not reveal it... heheheeee....

21. What do you think of your friends?
regresa a mi ~~ il divo ~~ means unbreak my heart... heheheee...

22. What will you post this as?
i for you ~~ luna sea ~~ very sentimental....one of my fav oso... ^0~

Wednesday, March 18

maya's giveaway...

recently am addicted to giveaway thingy... this time am gonna tell you about maya's giveaway... click my crazyartzone for more info on this!

each comment that you leave will entitle you to win this cute tote bag with pouch and bookmark!! ooohhh.... am so into that bookmark!! cute!!!!!... so, guys don't forget to leave your comment here!! (i mean on maya's blog not here... not my blog... uuuhhh... just go to her blog, okie dokie!!!) ^0^

my latest and next project...

this is what i've been doing lately... heheheee... whenever i got a chance i will do my knitting and crocheting. i even bring it to my office.

1st three photos below are my next project.

hhmmmm.... i just lurrrrrveee this pink crocheted cardy... will definitely make one for myself to match with my white dress... heheheeee...

and this hat.... love the flower pattern. am thinking of making one for a friend as a belated birthday gift... sure she'll get excited about it. will not tell her, want to surprise her!!
~~ sorry, the photo a bit blur.... ~~

and these last 3 photos are my latest project....

shawl for hubby...

"kopiah" for asraf's son...

and... kimora's handbag....

all my three projects... i dumped it in my mom's pink plastic box... promise her to give it back!! hikksss....

friendship awards from nadia and kimora san p(^0~)q

i've been keeping this entry in my draft for a few days and finally i found a slot to blog about it. got a few other tags from my friends and i plan to finish it all today before i leave for Semporna. yuppp... i'll be away to semporna next week for "Seaweed Value Chain Seminar", 23rd to 27th mac. and it will be the first time am away from hubby since we married. hhhhmmmm.... i wonder how is it like to be away from him....????

well, first am presenting to you friendship award and a tag from nadia n kimora san... thanks so much, u two really my best friend!! okey, this is the deal, name 7 things / person that you love and pass this to 7 other bloggers...

Name 7 things/persons that i love...

1. Yang Maha Kaya
2. hubby ~~ of course...
3. my wonderful parents
4. my parents in law
5. my whole family ~~ including hubby's side
6. my hp
7. my future mini cooper

and am tagging 7 other friend...

1. femin susan
2. butterfly frost
3. chinadoll
4. honey
5. ratna
6. blossom
7. yatie

actually i want to give this award to all of you out there especially those who followed me, u r are my friends... and those i follow, friendship forever!! and am giving this award to nadia and kimora oso.... ^0^

Tuesday, March 17


2009 Malaysia has decided to join the Earth Hour Campaign. And we, as true Malaysians, should support our country and vote for earth!!

SIGN UP now!!

Show the world that we are Malaysians DO care about our living planet. Let us join our hands together and help our country to reach the target of 5 million Malaysians sign-ups!! Come Malaysians, let's unite and fight climate change.


** this community reach is brought to you by pearlstudearrings in conjunction of Earth Hour Day.

Wednesday, March 11

tagged from butterfly frost

1.Your hp model?

sony erricson w380i... bought it a few weeks ago ^0~

2. A picture of it.

3. How many times did your hp get tortured by you?


4. Which part of your hp u hate the most and why?

the design... it flipped!!

5. Which part of your hp you like most and why?

definitely this part.... love the pink 'W'... if ur in a meeting or you're trying to concentrate on your bosses babbling about ur work, then suddenly the phone rang (you forgot to change to silent mode) you can just move your palm above this part and the phone went silent by itself... cool isn't it.... ^0~

6. What icon do you like the most?

WAP ^0~

7. What else to change to become a perfect hp?

i need to crochet the cover first, then it's perfect!!

8. You need a hand phone because?

what kind of question is that...???!!! even school kids know why they need it!!

9. Who bought this hand phone for you?

hubby n me... we bought two actually, one's for hubby, and the other one's for me. we need a new set actually...

10. With the total amount of your hp price, what could you buy others than hp?

hhhmmmm... if i add another MYR150, i can get a new L shape black sofa!!! ahakkss... ^0^

11. Is your hp model popular in the market?

yup, think so... hhhhmmm... the salesgirl said so :p

12. Describe yourself as a smart hp user?

use the calculator icon during BIG SALE!!!! hahahaaaa....

13. How often do u charge your hp?

every time when it needed to...

14. Estimate, how long could your hp survive?

longggg.... really i can take a good care of it. my 1st nokia 3310 phone lasts more than 3 years... i hv to buy a new set because someone stole it!!! gggrrrr...!!! this is the 3rd one... i still keep my 2nd hp...

15. Actually are you interested in hp?

not really... it's just because i need it..

16. Are u happy with your hp condition now?

so far... yup!

17. Every morning, what is the first thing u do with your hp?

turn off the alarm!! heheheeee...

18. Imagine someone takes your hp away for 1 day.. What would happens?

nothing... because that 'someone' is my hubby... heheheeeee....

19. No hp no life. agree or bullshit?

i got to say 'bullshit'... i hv a friend who doesn't have hp... he survive though!!!

20. tag 4 sexy phone users.

~ nadia ~

~ kimora san ~

~ aimi ~

~ honey ~

Tuesday, March 10


i purposely took this photo because she nearly caused us an accident this morning!! please la lady!! TOLONG la, bersopan sikit bila bwk kereta tuh... gggrrrrrrr!!!!!


well, it happened this morning actually... we were on our way to the office. we were at the roundabout near Masjid Likas (masjid terapung tuh....) hubby was driving at the fast lane (right) and there was a Gen2 infront of us.

setau sy gen2 tuh baru mo accelerate her car to 30 or 40 km/hour bah coz baru keluar dr roundabout kan... you know la if you're driving a car... suddenly, ni perempuan bawa hyundai g**z, tiba2 tukar lane pigi sebelah kanan menyebabkan kereta Gen2 tu sudden brek n kami di belakang pun apa lagi paksa sudden brek jgk!! yg bikin panas tu, dia tau gen2 tu betul2 dekat dgn keretanya tp masiiiiiiii lagi mau masuk lane kanan... only a few feet bah... nda ka bahaya tuh... nasib baik kami tdk telanggar tuh gen2 oh... eeehhhhh bikin geram betul tu perempuan. sudah la lesen "P" tp driving punya la TIDAK BIJAK!!!!!!!!!

so guys, if you happened to know this lady, please... please... please... tell her to be careful and drive SMART!! jgn SUKA2 hati jak mau tukar lane klu keadaan TIDAK SELAMAT. you've almost gEt us into an accident. klu ko yg kana langgar that's another story la! bukan masalah kami, tp jgn libatkan org lain klu mo buat kesalahan jalan raya!! sudah la dia tdk angkat tangan tanda maaf, dia blh lagi selambadak drive away!!

fyi, i managed to get her face and i will keep her picture and i definitely memorized her plate no too. in case we bump into each other next time (am sure she's working with YS, or somewhere di pusat pentadbiran kerajaan or maybe UMS), and you happened to read this entry (or maybe your friend told you about this entry) then you'll know why i'm not smiling back at you!! hhhmmmpppp!!!

this is the first time i posted 'MAD AT A PERSON' entry to my blog and i don't like it. but, i really need to tell others so that you'll be aware of this kinda careless driver!!!

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