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Friday, January 30

tagged: 6 random things...

salams n hi there... been away for almost a week and today i still in a mood for holiday... heheeee... yup am doing a tag thing. been tag by kimora san ^0^ and here's the deal....

This are the guidelines

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6 random things about pearl...

i - am the only daughter in the family. but am not the spoiled one. i love reading as much as sewing (^-^)v

ii - am married my best friend... heheheeeee.... i was introduced to hubby by Prof. Ridzwan. i was asked (actually) to work with hubby on our poster and banner (due to Tun Mahathir's visits, end of 2004 if am not mistaken) and so we become close friend. i love to hang out with him because we have a different interests and we love sharing and talking about it. in early 2005, we lost contact (but i still have his number and he got mine) for a while and mid 2005 we meet again. i was with my niece and nephew at that time, we went to watched Constantine and we were in a same theatre and he was sitting behind us (",)v. and i saw him, he saw me... ^0^ looks familiar but too shy to asked. after the movie, we went home, checked my phone and i got 2 miss called and 1 message from him..... (^-^) and the story goes..... love the moment and we treasured constantine so much... ahahks!! anddd to my surprise his sister happened to married my 'uncle'!! .... jodoh kan ^0^

iii - hhhhmmmm... what else do you want to know about me... normally when people ask about my details, i will tell that am from tawau. i have 3 older brothers (2 of them passed away) and 2 younger brothers. i work with seaweed project for almost 7 years now, and i took my degree at UMS and graduated in 2001 in Banking and Finance. and i love my friends so much!!! (^0~)v there you goes.... heheeeee....

iv - i miss my 'class of 95' (Convent St. Ursula Secondary School) so much!!

v - i love every moment with hubby!!

vi - i don't really tell people much about myself because i love to hear theirs first!!

andddd... am tagging butterflyfrost, izan, nadia, cora, hikari, yatie and honey

am tagging 7 people instead of 6 because i love to know about them... ^0^

** had to re-post this entry because i got mixed up with the year.... in 2007 we got married actually... sorry.... heeeeee.....

Friday, January 23


got this key chains from zar. she just came back from Neatherland. got two of them, one is for hubby actually.


close-up.... see the windmills... cuuuuuuteeee.... kiiiiici.... ^0^


the yellow is for our house key. noticed the hollywood key chain. it was from zar oso, she bought it during her trip to US last year. she also get me a cute blue baby T... ^0^ so sweet of her...


the red one is for our car key.


andddd this cute lady in pink kimono was from japan. annita gave it to me as a token.... ^0^ one of my favourite...


the cat.... it was from ray. she went to sarawak a few years back and get this for everyone at the office... such a nice lady she is... good at cook oso, love her sarawak cake!! yum... yum... i want to turn it into key chain but i guess it's impossible... ahaks!



hi there!! feel soooo 'malas' (lazy) today. thought i want to rearrange my blog and change the template. got a few templates but i seem to have a problems whenever i use it. so, i decided to keep my old templates and consider about the 'reconstruction's' thing again.... heheeeee....

anw, i promise u guys to post interesting topic before CNY, unfortunately i can't. i'll try tomorrow ya, insya Allah.... btw, got a few photos for u guys to 'mingled around' since am going to have a long holiday. yeayyyyy!!! not that long actually, just for 6 days and will be back on friday. hubby got extra 2 days off so am decided to applied for 'cuti' jgk la...

we planned on a romantic dinner next week, am looking forward on that. i even got my dress ironed last month lagi!!! ^0^ so, for the 6 days off, we gonna paint our new apartment, get the plumbing done, i've got mountains of laundry to do.... anddddd..... hhhhmmmmm..... apa lagi ya???!! so many things on my mind yet so little time left... i guess...??!!

so guys, catch u later ya!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! GONG XI FA CHAI!!!

Wednesday, January 21

under construction ^0^

salams & hi there....

my blog is currently under renovation. still looking for new templates. any suggestion?? please... please... please... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee leave your comment. am really appreciate it, and really need your suggestion!! in a mean time, will update my blog from time to time (",)v thanks so much, luv u all!! *hugs*

Tuesday, January 20

kick!! kick!! kick!! :)))))

found this from izan's blog. and it was fun!! ^0^ been playing the game since last week lagi... am not tend to change the face because he's a very 'BAD' man in Malaysia now... hahahaaaa... (^0~)v give it a try and you'll enjoy it so much!! guys can do oso... heheeee....

Monday, January 19

mIkAiL's bIRThdaY... ^0^

it was mikail's two-years (our nephew, hubby's sides) birthday yesterday. he's my sister in-law's son. and last night we had a small 'kenduri' for him..... ^0^ he was sooooo cute and can't hardly put the camera away from his adorable faces. and his dad said i can put the photos on my blog, and i was so thrilled by that... (i don't basically put my family's photos on my blog without them knowing it...) and i can be so rude if i don't do this scrapbook especially for mikail..... and it was fun. i was thinking of another scrapbook.... heheeeee.... am using photobucket btw.


and more photos of mikail.... showing his handsome, cute but adorable faces... ^0^




mikail, do the handsome face.....

ok good, one more... heheeee...


Friday, January 16

another awards ^0^

yeayyyyyy..... get this from cora. thank you so much cora!! i would like to pass this award to....

mummyblossom of course ^0^

kimora san





femin susan

sterling silver, pearl shaped necklaces...

It's been a while since my last entry about jewelry. So here are some pictures for you to check out. Enjoy! ^0^

Thursday, January 15

i've been chasing...???

it was early monday morning. we were on our way to the office. and suddenly this car was in front of us... oh noooo.... it's my dream car, mini cooper!! wah, abg adie go closer, i want to take photos of it... heheee....


a liiiiiiiiilttle bit closer.....


hhhmmmm...... ~~ there are 4 of them in the car (including the driver). we bet this car was just arrived from somewhere, and they drove it home instead of sending it to the dealer. see there's no plate no on it... wah, ketaraaaa la bah tu mo 'menerai' ni kereta.... heheeee....


oh no, he's going away....


bye bye my future car... :err:


am a bit early for holiday mood!!

hubby and me went to SMC Damai yesterday. we happened to know that one of hubby's friend was in an accident and admitted there. so, after hubby picked me up from the office we straight away to the hospital. well, am not going to tell a story about the accident. he's (hubby's friend) fine, alhamdulillah, but he was in a surgery before that and being moved several times from Tuaran to QE and then moved again to SMC due to QE's building is not safe...

anw, while walking hand-in-hand ~~ i love when hubby hold my hand, tightly, i feel safe... luv u so much abg adie...mmmuuuuaahhhkkkks!! ^0^ ~~ ok, sorry i easily get interrupted when it comes to our relationships.... where was i... hhhmmmm... o ya, while walking hand-in-hand with hubby, we saw this beautiful chinese new year decoration at the lobby, just right in front of the main entrace. it caught my eyes... love the tree and the lights hanging on the silling. it matched perfectly!!

i know this is a bit too early, we have about a week before chinese new year, but what the heck, i really want to wish all my chinese friends and all of you out there a very happy chinese new year... may we all have a very prosperous life this new year. o ya, i've got interesting topic to blog before chinese new year holiday. hope someone will remind me of this. abg adie, i know you are one of my loyal reader, please remind me to blog about the pictures of cars that i took. thank you, luv u more, mmmuaahh!! gong xi fa chai... ^0^




luv from.....

Wednesday, January 14

beads.... love it!!

we just bought our new wardrobe last tuesday and they only sent it to us last sunday. and i started digging up all our shirts, dresses and pants and etc...etc... to put into the wardrobe. and guess what i found...??? ^-^

it was my 'baju kurung'. i wore it during my wedding (nikah). i bet i cannot fit the bottom part because i put some weight... ahaks!! ^0~

btw, i've sewed the beads myself. hubby draw me the 'menjalara' layout and i traced it down with pencil. am quite impress to see the outcomes.... heheee... and i got many compliments from my friends and relatives... and a few orders from friends!! ^0^








down a memory lane.... (^0~)v

what's with the title...???? ^0^

these photos taken last 2 weeks. i've been keeping it in my photobucket....hehee... that beautiful morning, while watching tv i was preparing breakfast for hubby, we had toasted english bread, black coffee for hubby and green tea for me ^0^

hubby was busy doing something in the bathroom (we had a major problem with our plumbing system... gggrrrr!!!). since we (and all astro subscribers) had 2 new free channel i.e astro fiesta 808 & 809, and i get all the channel to myself (hubby always take control on the remote ~~ watching discovery channel ~~) so i decided to watched astro fiesta 808. and lucky me, it was boyzone reunion concert on the tv. listening to the songs, it took me back to the times when i was in form 4 & 5. my classmates and me was crazy about boyzone.... heheheeee...

our breakfast....





these two photos taken when they were singing "i love the way you love me" song...



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