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Saturday, August 15

another friend's private blog...

its been so long (sort of) since the last time am update this blog. sorry again... am away to melaka the whole week last week. i arrived in kk airport last night at 12am. got more photos on melaka and will update on it.

o ya, was visiting few friends blog just now and noticed that nadia's blog has been privatised. to nadia.... dont forget to add me ya dear... teruterubuzoct78@gmail.com.

well all.... i'll see u again later. need to upload photos for blog n fb!! luv u all!!!


2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

HoneyBUZZin said...

Yes...I can't visit her blog too...

rahma said...

hi honey dear... can sdh... but u need to subscribe to nadia's feed br blh see the updates ^-^

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