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Thursday, August 6

karnival penyelidikan & inovasi 2009 ~ 2

ok, ok, ok.... i know... my bad... and it's my mistake for not keeping my promise. am very2 sorry... really i am!! i was suppose to post all these photos last week.... wait, or is it last two weeks??!! hhmmm... actually am not feeling very good these last few weeks. so many things happened and i never thought i would experienced this kind of paranormal thingy!! unfortunately, i cannot talk more on it because it is better that way. it's the only way for me to keep from visualised 'it' again. anw, am find now... perfectly find!! thanks so much to hubby and my FIL n MIL, my parents and families... especially to my in-laws... and to apie, for ur advise... "klu rindu pandai datang balik tu"... heheheee... ya la tu...

soooo... hhmmm... these are some more photos during UMS research n innovation carnival... and am happy to meet my old friends again... miss n love them so much... its good to see u girls... (from left to right) jurry, riah n kak J!!

wedding dress...

the material is batik and the design was based on a modern wedding gown...

the uniqueness of the dress is the motive.... the pattern. it is based on Murut (one of ethnic group in Sabah) pattern, called "Pinansiet ruandu"

pinansiet ruandu means she's taken!!

naaa... these photos are dedicated especially to chegu nadia n chegu annieming... heheheheeee... both of u are now teaching at this school bah kan... ^-^

congratulations to the teacher and the students. good work, keep it up!!

riah was asking something about the car...

this is it... they actually made this little race car using 'balsa' wood. and it works!!

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