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Wednesday, October 15

aLAmaKKK, am being tagged!! - what's in my bag?

am being tagged by kimora san...hhmmmm,i need camera now...ooppsss, did i get rid of things that i don't want??!! mcm belum tau...pacah la rahsia sa...heheee...

Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.

1. Dump the content of your handbag in a pile ---> checked

2. Take a photo of your handbag and the content ----> checked

well bloggers, this is my bag. it have a betty boob's face on the front. am being using it since 2005, n it's been almost 3 years now..GODDD ('0') lama sdh... That's it, i need a new BAG!!

i wonder what is in my bag...hhhmmm...let see...

1. my saving books
2. my "women of earth" perfume
3. negatif gambar passport
4. my maybelline pouch
5. my new anna sui's purse - my ic, bank cards, credit card, credit card receipts, syillings, driving licence, and some cash
6. my nokia handphone
7. pepper spray - for protection
8. my kad pekerja - seaweed project
9. pens
10. markers - am using it during class
11. pendrives
12. keys - home, office, n car
13. little pakcet of silica gel - it comes with the bag
14. name card holder - i need to get rid of this one!!
15. jade pendant - i wonder where i get that...hhhmmmm...
16. receipts - groceries, makannnn, cheque deposit
17. my passport
18. pack of tissues
19. stack of RM 1 notes - for duit raya bah tu...tp nda habis pakai...(",)v
20. empty box of clorets tablets - really need to throw this one

wah...byk jgk ooo...

let's see what is in my maybelline pouch...

1. my maybelline angelfit flawless liquid foundation
2. clean n clear oil control film
3. my carefree tea tree extract pantiliner
4. pack of tissues
5. small mirror
6. my lipice mentholatum lipgloss jar
7. my maybelline shine 3D collagen lipstick
8. my maybelline white stay uv 2 way foundation
9. nailcutter
***coming soon...my new anna sui's rosy lipgloss jar...tett...

some receipts that i keep and yes it goes to the trash can!

3. Tag others who might want to embarras themselves ----> mamahafizzzz

4. Answer these questions:-

a) What's the most important thing in your handbag? ---> Considered all important since everythings are in my bag

b) What's the most embarrasing thing in your handbag? ---> So far none...i guess...

c) What's the smallest thing in your handbag? ---> cillicone gel

d) Is there anything illegal in your handbag? ---> None

well bloggers...there you goes, am done embarrasing myself...heheee...

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