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Monday, October 20

Snazzy & Such Give away...UPDATES!!

i came across this CUTE link from Sew Cute blogspot. n she's celebrating her 1st birthday. Congrates!!! And the best part is, she will be giving out GOODIES for those who promote her site. so, am PROMOTING it to you bloggers!!!

actually, FYI, i like sewing, knitting and crocheting... maybe i should blog about it. i do my own beadings on my selendang and baju kurung for my nikah last year. am so proud of myself (^-^)v and i'm still doing it, n sometimes my friends and family asking me to do for them. hmmm...must blog about it later. need to take pictures of my baju kurung, selendang, and etc...etc...

so, bloggers do visit Snazzy & Such . She's giving away goodies..

-- a tote bag. and inside the bag, you can find.....an Australian Home Spun magazine, beads, buttons, one roll of ribbons and a fat quarter (you still have lots of space after you put all that in the bag).. and i’m giving it all a way…--

and a LOT more pictures of the bag!!!

Grab the chance to try your luck to dip in and join the GIVE AWAY..
Go now.. lets celebrate SNAZZY & SUCH 1st BIRTHDAY !!!

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