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Friday, October 24

WHaT's In tHe bOX??!! -2nd

remember am told you guys about the anna sui's glossy rosy-sienna jar that am interested in. well, i've got it last Wednesday. am only manage to post it today (Friday) coz i left the lip gloss at my hubby's office. he need a good camera to take the pic of the jar, the camera is in his office. so he need to 'boRRow' it and helped me with the photo shOOt...thanks hubby, luv u so much!!!

am get this jar from impianwanita.com. they ordered it from hong kong and it only took about 2 weeks to reach KK. you should try shopping online. recently am more comfortable shopping for my things and my tudung online. it's easy and convenient.

here's some pics of my new anna sui's glossy rosy-sienna jar...

this is THE box (wrapped by silver wrapper)...

what's in the box???!!! tadaaaa....

well....that's what in the box... (^-^)v

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