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Wednesday, March 11

tagged from butterfly frost

1.Your hp model?

sony erricson w380i... bought it a few weeks ago ^0~

2. A picture of it.

3. How many times did your hp get tortured by you?


4. Which part of your hp u hate the most and why?

the design... it flipped!!

5. Which part of your hp you like most and why?

definitely this part.... love the pink 'W'... if ur in a meeting or you're trying to concentrate on your bosses babbling about ur work, then suddenly the phone rang (you forgot to change to silent mode) you can just move your palm above this part and the phone went silent by itself... cool isn't it.... ^0~

6. What icon do you like the most?

WAP ^0~

7. What else to change to become a perfect hp?

i need to crochet the cover first, then it's perfect!!

8. You need a hand phone because?

what kind of question is that...???!!! even school kids know why they need it!!

9. Who bought this hand phone for you?

hubby n me... we bought two actually, one's for hubby, and the other one's for me. we need a new set actually...

10. With the total amount of your hp price, what could you buy others than hp?

hhhmmmm... if i add another MYR150, i can get a new L shape black sofa!!! ahakkss... ^0^

11. Is your hp model popular in the market?

yup, think so... hhhhmmm... the salesgirl said so :p

12. Describe yourself as a smart hp user?

use the calculator icon during BIG SALE!!!! hahahaaaa....

13. How often do u charge your hp?

every time when it needed to...

14. Estimate, how long could your hp survive?

longggg.... really i can take a good care of it. my 1st nokia 3310 phone lasts more than 3 years... i hv to buy a new set because someone stole it!!! gggrrrr...!!! this is the 3rd one... i still keep my 2nd hp...

15. Actually are you interested in hp?

not really... it's just because i need it..

16. Are u happy with your hp condition now?

so far... yup!

17. Every morning, what is the first thing u do with your hp?

turn off the alarm!! heheheeee...

18. Imagine someone takes your hp away for 1 day.. What would happens?

nothing... because that 'someone' is my hubby... heheheeeee....

19. No hp no life. agree or bullshit?

i got to say 'bullshit'... i hv a friend who doesn't have hp... he survive though!!!

20. tag 4 sexy phone users.

~ nadia ~

~ kimora san ~

~ aimi ~

~ honey ~

5 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

aalallala... hp sya yg lama pya ni..:) ba nanti la ah :) hihi... siok jg hp ko ni ah.. hebat2 :)

HoneyBUZZin said...

i got the same h/p like urs..so tia payah buat tag la sis Rahma..
hahahaha.......semua pun sama ja....kita serupa arr..

rahma said...

rahma to nadia ~~ heheheee... ^0~

rahma to honey ~~ really...??!! best kan hp kita ni...heheheee... tp mcm sy nda berapa klu flip2 ni bah... ahaks!!

Azie said...

hi.. rahma, i found yr blog thru maya's.
nak tanya, for your signature tu u guna font apa yea. berkenan plaks ngan font tu laa..

rahma said...

i got it from my live signature. tp lupa plak nm font tu... heeee....

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