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Friday, March 6

after one minute story...

salams and hi everyone... morning!!

hhmmm... what's with the title...?? the story am about to tell you is nothing to do with the title... i purposely chose the "after one minute story" because by the time i type this it's 1 minute past 8am.

ok, it begin with.... hubby was telling the story to my in laws last night, and the story was told to hubby by his colleague. he's working at the factory department, Uniang Plastic at Inanam... hubby's working as a graphic designer there.... fyi, all the plastic bags and packaging for 'Saza Rice', 'kerupuk2' from kimanis food, 'ken chong' mee... etc... etc... are design by hubby and his friend. even packging for food from brunei and sarawak are design by them... o ya, they also designed the giant plastic bags... (alamak, lari sdh tajuk sa... heheheee...)

where was i.... o ya, about the story... hubby's colleague (he's the one who told the story to hubby) was involved in an accident. he tried to aviod from hitting a dog, who's crossing the road. he lose control of the car and causing it to rolled for a few times before it 'turtled' up. the car have severe damage but luckily he escaped uninjured. he only have bruises on his head. o ya, he drove a honda city the time the accident happened btw.

am not sure when was the accident, but the story was told yesterday. and i guess it happened a few days back. a day or so after the accident, his wife suggested him to go and have his head scanned, due to the bruised. the wife afraid he will having an internal bleeding. so, he went to see a doctor... and the dialog was like this....

doctor : ya, sakit apa?

guy : sy mau scan kepala sbb sy accident. kereta sy tebalik tiga empat kali... takut ada internal bleeding bah doktor

doctor : ooo... ko pakai kereta apa?

guy : sy pki honda...

doctor : oooohhh... ok bah tu, tia payah scan. kalau ko pki kancil baru la kami scan!

guy : :what: ......... (he was speechless... )

what is it have to do if you are driving kancil or honda..???!!! if you got an accident, no matter what car you are driving in, it still cause you an impact with or without injuries. and back to the guy.... after a minute of silence, he asked for a checked up anw because of the bruise.


this morning, while driving to the office, hubby and me was talking about the accident. we were wondering why the doctor asked him what car is he driving during the accident. as far as i'm concern, the doctor is trying to said that if you are driving ninja king or frontier... or maybe mitsubishi triton... a toyota hilux maybe... you have more percentage of having a small injuries when an accident happen compare to those who driving kancil and any other small car. or maybe he was trying to say that driving an imported car if much safer than local car??!!!

o ya, the guy buckled up his seat belt while driving and he was glad he do that because that's the reason he is still alive. nasib baik.... but hubby said seat belt is not really safe because there's a case, when a person got into an accident, he died because of the seat belt...

hubby : diorang patut buat sesuatu sama ni kereta punya body bah. skrg ni kita mcm dlm satu shell, rangka nda kukuh n senang remuk. jd, patut ni rangka ada satu lagi structure yg keras supaya klu accident tu impact nda smpi sm kt... nda jg semestinya pki seat belt tu selamat...

me : yaaa.... jd kita mesti pki honda...........


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