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Saturday, March 7

i've been keeping this....

hhmmm... i just remembered that i hv lots of photos need to be post in my blog... these are some of it... it was taken last month during CNY...

this photos of fireworks was taken from my kitchen window... ^0^ so lucky i can enjoy fireworks while am cooking our dinner!!

CNY at KK Plaza. noticed some photos of unfamiliar vegetables. you can only find this kind of vege during CNY. then there's durians... uuuhhhmmm... LOVE it!!

little lion.. this boy was standing in front of his dad shop wearing lion dance costume. every time there's a costumer approach him, he will dance... cute ohhh!! ^-^

i purposely took the photo of the drummer... ooohh... how i wish i can play drum...!! hubby promise me to teach how to play drum. we planned to buy our own drum set!! yeayyyyy!!! ^0^

i remember i took Gamelan class during my degree in UMS, i was good i tell you!! really i am!! and i played almost every instruments including 'gong'. fyi, you need to memorized gong's code if you want to master it... ya, that's right gong's got notes too... hehehe... our lecturer (En. Jamal, now Prof. Madya Dr. Jamal - he's the one who wrote UMS's song) gave me an A because i can play more than 3 instruments... ^0^ he offered me to be in UMS Gamelan Team and the opportunity to play during UMS 1st Convocation. but i said NO (fool me...!!!) because i don't hv transportation to go to UMS Campus at Jalan Tuaran. I was stayed at Kingfisher Collage at KKYS Campus at that time.... and transportation is hard to find!!

sometimes i wonder how lucky UMS's students now... all the facilities are there and well organized. in our days, it's hard and sometimes we hv to walked to class at KKYS or Maktab Nasional. It's not far from Kingfisher, but imagine if it was raining... lucky the 'biggest' roundabout was not there yet!! there's one time my friend and i skipped our class because of heavy raining! thinking of those days make me feels old................................

hhhmmmm... to all UMS's students out there, appreciate what you have now... and study smart!! go for glorious achievement!! same goes to YOU, my first management students '08... MANAGE yourself towards better you!! ^0^

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