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Wednesday, March 18

friendship awards from nadia and kimora san p(^0~)q

i've been keeping this entry in my draft for a few days and finally i found a slot to blog about it. got a few other tags from my friends and i plan to finish it all today before i leave for Semporna. yuppp... i'll be away to semporna next week for "Seaweed Value Chain Seminar", 23rd to 27th mac. and it will be the first time am away from hubby since we married. hhhhmmmm.... i wonder how is it like to be away from him....????

well, first am presenting to you friendship award and a tag from nadia n kimora san... thanks so much, u two really my best friend!! okey, this is the deal, name 7 things / person that you love and pass this to 7 other bloggers...

Name 7 things/persons that i love...

1. Yang Maha Kaya
2. hubby ~~ of course...
3. my wonderful parents
4. my parents in law
5. my whole family ~~ including hubby's side
6. my hp
7. my future mini cooper

and am tagging 7 other friend...

1. femin susan
2. butterfly frost
3. chinadoll
4. honey
5. ratna
6. blossom
7. yatie

actually i want to give this award to all of you out there especially those who followed me, u r are my friends... and those i follow, friendship forever!! and am giving this award to nadia and kimora oso.... ^0^

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Blossom said...

Thanks for the tag dear.

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