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Wednesday, January 14

down a memory lane.... (^0~)v

what's with the title...???? ^0^

these photos taken last 2 weeks. i've been keeping it in my photobucket....hehee... that beautiful morning, while watching tv i was preparing breakfast for hubby, we had toasted english bread, black coffee for hubby and green tea for me ^0^

hubby was busy doing something in the bathroom (we had a major problem with our plumbing system... gggrrrr!!!). since we (and all astro subscribers) had 2 new free channel i.e astro fiesta 808 & 809, and i get all the channel to myself (hubby always take control on the remote ~~ watching discovery channel ~~) so i decided to watched astro fiesta 808. and lucky me, it was boyzone reunion concert on the tv. listening to the songs, it took me back to the times when i was in form 4 & 5. my classmates and me was crazy about boyzone.... heheheeee...

our breakfast....





these two photos taken when they were singing "i love the way you love me" song...



2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

miahaaha... the good old days.. dlu2 pun slalu jg sya dgr boyzone ni tau..miahahaa... n 911..lucu la.. ntah mana sda dorg menghilang :)

rahma said...

911... i even bought the cd... hahahaaaa!! "...isn't the 1st time, won't be the last time.... the day we found love once again...." ^0^ wah, terkenang2 sdh sa... mcm funny jgk kan... i would add Take That to my list oso, love their songs so much!!

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