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Friday, January 23


hi there!! feel soooo 'malas' (lazy) today. thought i want to rearrange my blog and change the template. got a few templates but i seem to have a problems whenever i use it. so, i decided to keep my old templates and consider about the 'reconstruction's' thing again.... heheeeee....

anw, i promise u guys to post interesting topic before CNY, unfortunately i can't. i'll try tomorrow ya, insya Allah.... btw, got a few photos for u guys to 'mingled around' since am going to have a long holiday. yeayyyyy!!! not that long actually, just for 6 days and will be back on friday. hubby got extra 2 days off so am decided to applied for 'cuti' jgk la...

we planned on a romantic dinner next week, am looking forward on that. i even got my dress ironed last month lagi!!! ^0^ so, for the 6 days off, we gonna paint our new apartment, get the plumbing done, i've got mountains of laundry to do.... anddddd..... hhhhmmmmm..... apa lagi ya???!! so many things on my mind yet so little time left... i guess...??!!

so guys, catch u later ya!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! GONG XI FA CHAI!!!

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