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Monday, January 5

bAcK tO sCHoOL...

FYI, i was late, very late, to the office today because of the massive traffic jam!! Hubby and me went out 10 minutes to 7am, and it's normal for us to go out around that hour. We thought we managed to reach office before 8. Unfortunately, today is the first day at school, we trapped in the traffic jam for almost an hour. By the time we reach my hubby's office (today am driving because I need to settled things up) it was already 8:04 am. Imagine what time am reaching uni...??

Almost half a million 7 years old boys and girls all around Malaysia started their first day at school today. Some feel excited and some are not... I guess... I remember my first day at school... I was sitting besides this one little boy... I think I can still remember his face now and I guess I can recognize him if I bump into him. Actually, fyi, he annoyed me!! He likes to pinched my cheek and at some point he kissed me(on the cheek of course)! !! Yuckkkssss!!! That was the first time I've been kissed... (does it count??) and I hated it so much!! I cried...you bet I am.... and I told my teacher and I've been moved to sit beside other girl whom later become my best friend. When I was in standard 3, I got into a fight with a boy, I punched him at the eye... luckily the teacher didn't punished me!! HHHmmmmm... how I missed the moment... O ya, I was the most favourite student amongst others and always get a first place in class...heheeeee.... :pompom:

Finished my primary school, I continued my study at Convent St. Ursula Secondary School.... the only girl school at my hometown. The most memorable, unforgettable and favorable classmates I've ever had was in 1995. I wish I could turn back the time and I really, really, miss them so much. I still remember their names and faces... hhhhmmmmmm...... :look::look:

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