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Saturday, June 13

gift from yatie (",)v

i was so happy yesterday. i came in my office and found the brown envelope on my table. its from yatie... yeayyyyy!!! thanks so much yatie... so thoughtful of you... fyi, she's the first blogger who befriend with me. so, am truly, truly thank you yatie for the souvenirs. i showed hubby the envelope and he was so excited and asked me to open it, but i said "wait till we get home"... lebih2 pulak abg adie ni... ;p

what's inside the envelope... heheheee... a blue shawl...

abg adie ni aaaa... mau jg kono dia... ;p

inside the envelope are the blue shawl, dubai frigde magnetic, dubai postcard and langkawi fan keychain... ^0^

thanks again yatie... and u take care ya ^-^

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

wawa.. bestnya.. yatie ni dr mana? hihi.. alalala abg ko tu mau jg ka pakai tudung?? hihi

rahma said...

yuhuuu nadia... yatie, she's from selangor tp pernah keja d dubai, n now her hubby keja n stay d sn... but recently yatie went to dubai with her MIL... she's such a sweet friend... ^-^

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