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Tuesday, June 9

my little pink slipper ^-^

peeps!! heeee... remember i told u about my crystal course at epal center last year. well, the lady whose in charge of the course keep smsing me about the class. i was suppose to start beading and crystaling (eeehhhh???) on january but could not find a time to go there. so, last sunday i SPARE one hour of our time (sundays always been me n hubby's time) and went there. wah, bestnya!!!! i just can't stop smiling heheheee to see the result... i made little pink crystal slipper. isnt it cuteee..... ooo it so adorable.

hhhmmm i was thinking, actually hubby was thinking, better if i start my beading business... i make few little slippers and sell it to others, perhaps my readers... yup youuuuuu... wanna buy one???!!!

fyi, am using swarozki crystal for my project (actually for the whole project) and it cost a lot actually. so, since i can get a cheaper beads from the local store, i can make a cheaper slipper then... hhhmmm... so, anyone interested. just buzz (leave a comment) me okie... but i only accept serious buyer. i already started collecting beads and for the time being you can just look at the photos bellow. i will update my collections once i finish it!! ^0^

i hang it on my phone and it looks more n more cuttter ever ahaks!!

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