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Saturday, June 13

little white n pink slipper

i made this last night. i change the material, instead of using swarozki crystal, i used a white and pink beads and the outcome was not as good as the last one. but still i like it because its cute... hhhmmm what should i do with it???? should i give it away?? or should i give it to a friend of mine whose been away for quite some time... sof, how are u?? really miss u... ^-^

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kimora said...

hmmm the first was better hehehe but it's cute tho'...

keep it up (^_^)

izanazuani said...

Si Piah di Japan skrg. Bisuk dia balik sudah tu...

rahma said...

arigatou kimora san ^0^
ya lo... bida plak klu guna beads yg bulat2 ni... mo p beli yg baru la ni... heheheee

yuhuu aju... ^-^
ooo ya ka... no wonder dia tia reply my sms n phone call. nda bisuk aku contact dia. rindu betul aku sm dia tau.... heheheee... btw, thanks for the info... sikit lagi mo merajuk ni...heheheee

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pearl, wow! You sure one talented, creative lady. Wayyyyy to go Pearl.
Nothing like making your own...designer brand too.
Best regards and keep a song in your heart. Lee.

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