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Tuesday, June 9

inie, minie, mynie, moe.... ^0^

yesterday night hubby went out and came back with them.... eeeeeeee.... bikin geram!!! lucky we got some leftover and gave it to them... they were sooooo happy and running to me for the food uhuuuu... sooooo cute, makes me want to bite them!! ^-^

this is inie the explorer... he loves exploring our place

minie... the 'rangkak' one... hehehee she loves to eat and she's the chubby among 4 of them!

mynie... hubby said she's the grumpy one. she even tried to pick a fight while they were eating... heeeeee cute!! \^0^/

and the last one is moe. he's the sweetest... he came to me with curious little eyes when i pointed the camera to his face... yyyeeeeee.... bikin geram!!

7 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Pearls, was at Mamafami's place noticed your callsign. Wow, you in KK? My last trip there was in '80s on business.
Love your cats. You going to keep all 4 cats?
Guess you need to house train then first, huh?
I too suka cats, but my isteri allergic to cat fur, habis cherita, ha ha.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

rahma said...

hallo uncle.... ^0^ o ya, thanks for dropping by ya. ur blog oso great!! yup, am stayed in kk but actually i born in tawau.
thanks, but unfortunately they aren't officially mine... hope i can get all of them heheheee
am allergic too, got athma oso, but what the heck, i love cats. so i dont really mind.
thanks again for your visit ya, really appreciate it ^0^

Sarah said...

omg. so cute! so orangy :) my cat also satu tu very short tempered. suka btl menggigit and sometimes tidak suka kena pegang. tapi after train dia to behave ada good natured a bit. gigit pun acah acah jak hehehe.

rahma said...

hi sarah... heheheee... ya lo, miss them oready. hubby sent them back to their home (i oso dunno where, at the block in front of our apartment i guess)... we were thinking of adopting cat... ^-^

Uncle Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rahma, Terima kaseh for the warm message. Lee.

rahma said...

hi lee... u r most welcome ^-^v

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