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Sunday, October 4

another story of meme' ^-^

we were wondering how much meme' was gaining after a month being with us... and he was so sporting when we placed him on the scale, he was sitting there quietly giving us a chance to observed his weight. 3 kilos.... hhhmmmm... means he gain 1kg+++. need to increase more. ganbatte ne meme'!!! ^0^

'eee sudah la... malas sa'

eeee malu kunun... tapuk2 muka lagi!!

and this photos taken today at noon. we were about to go out and he went laying down at the door. hopping to get a chance to slip out... in ur dream la meme'!!! u are so grounded!! hehheee

minta kasian la ni kunu

mcm panjang pulak ko me' klu ko posed begitu....

meme' was about to attack me.... in ur dream la me'... like u can catch me, cheh... ahaks!!!

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ohh.. happy animal day to you meme!! hehe.. cute la dia..

rahma said...

hi annieming!!! heheheee he's cute when he does nothing else but sitting quietly... heheheheheeee

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