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Thursday, October 22

personel collections for sale!!!

salam n hi peeps!!! for a past few days, i was trying to regain my energy. i really, really need a good long sleep.... mo bayar balik semua hutang tidur on weekends ni la!!

abg adie, mari kita tidurrrrrrrr.... heheheeee ( macam hentai plk siiiikit... heheheee)

btw, actually entry kali ni about a friend of mine. yatie.... if any of u know her by name, she used to have blog but she decided to stop blogging about 3 months ago. yatie, i kinda miss ur blog...

till now, we still contacted each other thru FB. fyi, she's opening a new blog but not personel. its a blog for on online shopping!! her new blog is specially to sell her personel items collection. most of her items are a brand new and never been used. she sell watches, handbags, keychains, mugs, jewelries, kain ela, perfumes and postcards.... most of the items are things that she bought from Dubai and locals oso.

if u interested to buy, just go to her blog, Yatie Collections and email her at yatiecollections@rocketmail.com the item/s that u wish to buy... ^-^v



kain ela


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