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Thursday, October 8

sabah vfm..... and w.o.r.m

after class yesterday i rushed to hubby's office to pick up him coz w.o.r.m hv radio interview with sabah vfm (v is actually stands for variety - will explain to u why they call it variety...). i remembered my last visit to RTM building was 10 years ago!! am impressed with the studio now... true they spent a lot of money on renovating the place but i tell u it's worth it!! sure we can see where the money goes...

why v.... coz there's few other studios at the floor which is studio for malay, tagalog and english... there are a few others but i didn't get the chance touring on them.

studio for tagalog / sungai radio

this is a stand by studio... in case something wrong with any other studio, they will use this one.

sabah fm... the malay....

and this is where we were during the live interview.... the english radio. i adored the studio very much... very green!!! love it!!

see the carpet... am falling in love with it once i step in!!

dj christine n dj ivan

w.o.r.m and their manager, jenk...

group photo... w.o.r.m and the djs... after the interview session.

i hope i can slip in during their 2nd interview next month so that i can come to this greenery konti again... heheheee

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Ratnariz said...

wah cantik gak kan...selama ni ku pikir buruk betul..buli tahan gak...

rahma said...

iya... lawa!! mcm mo cr plak carpet yg corak2 g2 tau... wallpapernya pun lawa!! ^-^

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