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Monday, October 12

redmummy.com n meme'..... ^-^v

this vid taken last sunday. i was surfing the net... visiting friend's blog, looking for communication notes, googleing journal for my thesis... facebooking... and reading kak red's site (must read at least twice a week...) ^-^v

if u are one of kak red readers, u surely noticed that she used to hv this green template for certain occasion (ala, lupa plak the occasion...). well, my meme' love hanging around beside me everytime am on my notebook. and kak red's sites hv this little purple bird and picture of kids playing at the playground. the cute thing is whenever and whichever you scroll ur mouse on the bird n the kids, the bird will chirping and the kids laughing.... and meme' is verrrryyyyy sensitive with bird's sound. i accidentally click the bird and when meme' heard the chirping sound, he was so anxious to find the bird's whereabout... heheheee.... he was so cute.... with that higher level of curiosity...

3 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Cath J said...

Kekekekke.... aku nampak link ni kat Redmummy blog... hahhaha... so cute lah meme...

cik syahira said...


sy dtg dr blog kak red.
ouh.. so sweet lihat kucing tu penuh curiosity.
anyway.. nice blog.
ouhh.. geram kat kucing tu jua.
dah la tompok2 mcm lembu new zealand.
comell!! he3x

rahma said...

cath j: hi there cath j... ya, i saw the link just now at kak red's site... tdk sangka plak she linked, am so thankful to her!! thanks btw, meme is really cute but sometimes he can be a little annoying... hahahaa

cik syahira: salam ^-^ hello there. makasih... heheheee really appreciate u coming here. singgah la lagi klu ada kelapangan ya!! will visit ur blog oso... :)

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