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Monday, February 9

am craving for this!!!!

yessss.... am definitely craving for crochet hooks!!! did any of you have ideas where can i get similar to those.... here in KK is hard to find the cute one or the one i love so much... hubby promise to make one for me... ^0^ i hope he can make something like this!!!

or this...??!!

especially this one.... got pearl at the end of the hook

OR this one.... am sure this one cost a lot because it's a 14 karat gold hook!! :what:

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Yatie said...

salam rahma .. ehmm, tak pasti laa kat Dubai neih senang nak cari kedai crochets sbb mmg tak penah amik tau.. almaklumlah, diri sendiri tak penah guna pun .. hikss ..

rahma said...

heheheeee.... ^0~

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