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Wednesday, February 18

taged by [xoxo] san...

1/ If i were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who will it be?
eja... (pak andam yg make-up masa kawin dulu ckp muka sa mcm eja...) behhh...

2/ Would you marry kimora san??
wah, jgn mcm2...!!

3/ Blossom is actually Cora in disguise, you know??
ya.. ya.. i know... but she's not in disguise. it's her blog name.

4/ Who would you rather get stuck in handcuffs with, Aimi or Ratna??
kami tidak bersalah!!

5/ Who's Nadia to you?
friend.. known her from blogging.. ^0^

6/ Would you marry Izan??
definitely NO... beh, lain la plak tu!!

7/ rama2 beku and Honey are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?
rama2 beku la... honey, ko belakun jd hubby la ya... ^-^

8/ Who will win in a duel yatie or ynaa o ynaa? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
yatie sbb pertandingan tu pertandingan jalan-jalan... blog yatie kan cerita pasal jalan2... ^0^

9/ If you could do anything with chela what would it be??
hhhhmmmm... men caunter strike la... ok ka tu dek...??!!

10/ Who's masviona dating?
prebetsabu... ^0^

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2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

HoneyBUZZin said...

huhu....I'm a male...arrrgghhhhh

rahma said...

heheheheeee... men2 jak bah tu... ^-^

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