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Tuesday, February 3


i've been keeping this tag for quite some time. it's from butterflyfrost... it goes like this....

Here’s what we should do. it’s simple: list down 5 of the products from the list below that you are boycotting, and then list down 5 of the products that you will try your best to boycott, and finally list another 5 of the products that you find it hard to boycott, and tag 5 others.

this tag is to get everyone to read the list below carefully and identify which products affects your life and the lives of the Palestinians most! You can also compare your list with your friends and see: if they can boycott one product that you haven’t been boycotting, why can’t you start to boycott the product too?

[A] 5 products that am boycotting...

1 - Coffee Bean

2 - Clinique

3 - Starbucks

4 - Lancome

5 - Revlon

[B] 5 products that i tried to boycott...

1 - Burger King ~~ hubby and i went there last sunday for whopper jr. ooopppppssss.....

2 - Nestle

3 - KFC

4 - McD ~~ ooohhh.... i miss twister fries so much!!

5 - Pizza HuT ~~ we planned to go there... ^-^

[C] 5 products that find hard to boycott...

1 - Olay ~~ i've been using it more than 3 years now.... love the total white, very convenient.

2 - Garnier ~~ my eyes need it badly!!

3 - Kotex ~~ who doesn't need this??!! (men of course... heheheeee...)

4 - ATM cards and credit card ~~ ahaks..!!

5 - Maybelline ~~ 3 years of using the product (especially the compact and angelfit liquid foundation) and i am verrrrryyyy satisfied with it....

[D] i tagged 5 people...

1 - kimora san

2 - Aimi

3 - nadia

4 - blossom

5 - honeybuzzz

"my older brother (he's a very religious person act...) said even though they create or invent such products, it doesn't mean you have to boycott all. Keep the good ones and ignore the one that you don't even think of using it..." am just giving my opinion, no offense ya... ^0^

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

HoneyBUZZin said...

aikkk......sia kana tag lagi ka sis? huhu..ba nanti sia bikin arr...wait for my reply.

rahma said...

^0^ sa suka bha tag ko... heheee... okie dokie...

Femin Susan said...

sooooo nice and sweet of you.thanks for sharing the award.

rahma said...

u are most welcome susan ^0^

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