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Friday, February 6

rebonding.... and i wonder...???

this photos actually taken on last saturday... we went to aunty mary's saloon at kg. likas because hubby wants to do a rebonding (am i using a right term ka? am not that expert with hair fashion...). aunty mary is hubby's friend, alex, mom... she's actually the person who help us a lot (besides my parent in law and all my in laws and friends n family from hubby's sides) during our wedding reception in KK. she treat hubby as her own son and of course me as her daughter. she's too kind to us... thanks aunty, we love so much!! ^0^

hubby planned to do his hair about a month ago and till last saturday he managed to find a time and went there. of course i was with him. annddd i never saw people do this rebonding thing... this is my first time and it was like, wahhhhh.... it took hours to do it!!! :sleepy::sleepy:

i was kinda boring..... nothing much to do while am waiting but to listen to aunty mary's worker talking about her (him act) experience as "Ratu Kebaya". no offense, but i kinda like her (him), she's (he) so sincere... (hubby thought so too.... hubby normally hate and can't stand to be near them but spending time with them kinda gave us a different point of view about their life...) and she's (he) funny too... we laugh a lot with her (his) stories. and she (he) also explain to us terms that they use among them and things that they want for their future... they also very talented!!

it's funny they actually have this terms e.g. "bf" for handsome boy or cute guy; "terereng-terereng" for crazy (for sabahan they used 'sot')... and some other terms, i forgot already.... and we kinda impressed with aunty mary because she's also using all the terms whenever she talked to them!! ^0^ cute oohhhh...

fyi, not all of them are bad and love flirting around. some of them are just an ordinary person who wants to live as a 'women' and wants to be loved like a real women. they don't give a damn on other people's opinion as long as they can live peacefully... from a different side of view, i kinda pity them actually... hhhhmmmm.... after spending my day with them, that's the best conclusion i can give... be nice to other people no matter who they are because you'll be treated nicely. what goes around, comes around.... ^-^



she (he) : aku suka jugak bah dengan lelaki rambut panjang ini... tapi nda ada yang mau sama aku.... (
Semporna dialect)

me : heh... hhmmm... ^-^

hubby : :what::what:

***p/s mcm menyampah la pulak aku tengok az**n *li.... teeeetttttt... telebih betul!!

3 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kimora said...
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Kimora said...

Teringat pulak masa buat projek kursus gender, our group fokuskan kepada golongan ini dan target area adalah di sekitar Kg Air tu hehehe.

They are nice persons if we're nice and treat them just like others. Kesian jg sebab bukan dorg minta jadi macam tu kan cuma kita ni ja yg pandang hina sama dorg padahal kita jg penyebab mereka jd begitu...cheee mcm syarahan pulak kan hehehehe

rahma said...

ya lo... ada satu ayatnya tu mcm bikin panas tp kalau pikir balik mcm lucu pulak.... dia cerita pasal kwnnya yg couple dgn laki org. dia bilang... "kesian c bini tu sbb lakinya tekejar2 org 'bantut' mcm kami ni. tp kesian bah perempuan ni, kt nda boleh begaduh/berebut lakinya sbb mesti dia kalah... kt kan kuat mcm lelaki"... beh.... baru tu, smbl dia ckp tu dia jeling2 aku... bah, apa la maksudnya tu kono...??!! mentang2la aku kicik... ooooo tidak, dia berkenan dgn hubby ku ka...?? oh NO!!!!!! teingat plak lagu 'if i were a boy' beyonce.... ^0^

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