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Friday, February 6

our 1st romantic dinner... ^0~

last wednesday, hubby and me went for our first romantic dinner. there's no candle lite since we kinda annoyed by the candle in the middle of our dining table. we decided to go to Rainforest Cafe' near Milimewa Gaya Street (used to be Sugar Bun). act, i choosed the cafe' and it was suppose to be a surprise but when i told hubby to park near Pizza Hut Gaya Street, he laughed and said...

hubby: aaaaa... kita makan d borneo rainforest ni kan!! :laugh::laugh::laugh:

me: :err::err::err: yaiii.... nda la ba surprise tuh... hhhhmmmmpppp!!!

actually, i found out about the restaurant from zura's blog. hubby is a big fan of prawn... he loved it so much!! while i am allergic to prawn or any seafood... how's that...??!! "two different people but perfect for each other".... ^0^

anw, according to zura, the cafe' served a good buttermilk prawn so we give it a try... anddd... YESSSS... its deliiiiiiicious... i even tried it!!

rainforest cafe'....


inside the cafe'

waiting for our food...

upper picture ~~ fried sabah vege with shrimp paste... nyum...nyum... ( we even 'tapau' this!!)

lower picture ~~ CNY decorations at Gaya Street

we ordered butter milk prawn for hubby, sweet n sour fish for me and sabah vege. overall we paid rm45 and so far we enjoyed the food very much!! but we have to wait for more than half an hour for the food to be served and it's kinda pissed me off!! hubby was keep complaining and raising his hand for the waiter to ask about our food... i wonder what took them so long because there was only a few customers inside and outside...??!!

hubby said next time if we want to have a dinner at the cafe' again, i have to call for a reservation!! but... i already planned for our next dinner somewhere else and it's a secret... ssssshhhhhhh.... ^0^

*** after the dinner we went for a movie... hubby wants to watched underworld. my comment ~~ hhhmmmm... i had too much of vampires and werewolves!!

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