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Friday, July 24

ready, camera, action!!

as i promised you guys, this is my first update on the teaser i blogged about last week. we left home at about 7am heading to hubby's friends house, picked them up and straight to Tg. Aru Plaza to get all the technical things to bring along to the site.

our first destination.... Tg. Aru Plaza roof top...

after breakfast at kingfisher, we make a move to DBP... the site is just across DBP building.

unloading all equipment to be placed on the site... wah, samak jua??!!

the cameraman.... i've been told that he used to work with KRU company, while shooting "the Cicakman the movie". he's the assistant cameraman. can't really remember his name.... hhhmmmm...

ready to roll....

the director.... can't get his name oso... heheheee... mcm a few sj i remember thier names (besides W.O.R.M) yg dua2 ni, the director and the cameraman, tia dpt copy paste... ahaks!!

heheheee... yup annieming... betul laitu, i make up org bah tuh... heheheee... but not that complicated la since they are guys... besides am not that kinda person who likes wearing make up, and am not that expert on 'coloring' faces... ^0~ but since hubby ask for help so i just do la!

actually last sunday, we went for W.O.R.M, 2.00 am, video shooting! the first location is near DBP and later that night we were at sembulan tunnel. according to the director, they are suppose to shoot at roof top of imperial hotel, warisan at 4pm then the tunnel. unfortunately, because of heavy rain and strong wind, they decided to canceled it and do a few shots at the tunnel instead. mcm havoc jgk la... penat plak jd artis ni kan.

got some more photos of the shooting and will post it later!

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

cHeLa LiM said...

alaa..ku ingat ad lgi gmbr ny..
smgt sda ak mau tgk...haha

rahma said...

ada lagi ni dik... nnt2 kakak post...

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