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Saturday, July 18

pearl's first teaser ^-^

this is my first time teaser ever... heheeee... it'll be a very busy day tomorrow for us. will blog about it next week!!

for the time being, i'll share with you some photos for tomorrow's activity... heheheee...

hhhmmmm... make up set...

crocheted half face mask... for what??!!

and a few attires... ironed.

heheheeee.... am not going to tell u yet what am i going to do with all these things... u'll hv to wait. sure i'll be really tired tomorrow... got some more photos for u guys and it's all taken from last week activities. and i will post it on the blog surely by next week.

as for now, am so sorry for not visiting ur blogs coz am off to bed now. need to wake up early tomorrow. oso so sorry for not stopping by last week, am so caught up with my classes and my methodology course. but we should meet again next week ya for more photos and updates!! see ya and night everyone... ^0^

1 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

hi rahma!

ba, biar sa teka, ko mau kaC mekap urang ka? hehe..

have a nice week kio..

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