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Saturday, July 25

karnival penyelidikan & inovasi 2009 ~1

i took these photos during UMS research and innovation carnival on 10th july. reason i went to the carnival because my boss's poster participating in the event. went there to give him a moral support. he won the third place!! congratulations!!

ums chancellor's lobby... pelik kan, at first i thought they've moved the event to another place coz no ones around when i reached there...

but when i entered the hall.... aaaa.... there they are... it's down there...

our booth... marine borneo research institute... the booth purposely for poster presentation and was valued by a few judges from ums itself.

hyeeee aimi... heheheee...

i saw someone baaaaaaack there... behind the flowers, he looks familiar??!!

it is you bernard... our science officer... kasian, dia saturang jak sana. so, i chatted with him for a while then went on..

bernard was looking after our other exhibition booth.

two of seaweed product... crackers and chocolate wwith seaweed fillings.

** there's part two... hehehee

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