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Tuesday, July 7

digi broadband

salams and halluuuuu everyone... got more photos coming up for seaweed forum's entry. but before that, had to post digi broadband first for the sake of a friend. nadia was asking me to blog about it since she was thinking to get one. well, i've been using digi broadband for more than a month now and so far got no problem.

more over, to our surprise, we can use our digi at my in-laws!!! wah, this is a good news. as far as we concern, digi is still expanding its 3g and should be ready by august. and for the time being, it only covers KK area till 1B and Kolombong. my in-laws is at sabindo, Kinarut... so, by right, there is no chance we could surf the net using our digi while we were there. but to our surprise, we were totally wrong!! we can actually....

fyi, every saturday nights, we normally spend our day at my in-laws so no blogging because there's no internet connection except for celcome broadband. but then last weekend, hubby was testing out our digi and walla...... boleh la!!!! full bar lagi tuh, and its using GPRS digi to connect to the internet. hubby told me the news the next morning since am off to bed during the 'testing process'... heheheee...

and from next saturday night onwards, i can blog from my in-laws.... coollll!!!! ^0~

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

yeay.. thanks rahma.. kerana sya ko post jg digi ko.. hihi :) emm fikir2 jg ni mau pasang ka nda..huahua... pujuk kris lu :)

rahma said...

heheheee... ok bah klu ko... ya lo, pikir2 dulu n discuss with ur hubby... manatau dia minat celcom... hehehee

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