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Tuesday, May 26

button planet's give away ^0^

yesterday, i received my buttons from button planet. was so excited!! but... wait... hhmmm... what should i do with this button...??? o ya!! was doing a crocheted handbag for kimora san and my little crocheted pouch for my phone, so will use one of these buttons for my project.

button planet has a lot collections of buttons especially from Japan and Taiwan but do check out the vintage collection from US oso... they are soooo cute!! and the price is reasonable and i really, really really recommend you this site if you want to buy a fancy buttons online. the buttons comes in different colors, themes and sizes! so give some space to spend ur time surfing button planet!!

and the bonus if you be a customer of button planet NOW, you'll stand a chance to win this give away!!!

A pack of Autumn Leaves Collection (Imported from USA) !!!!!!!!!

ooohhhh... am so excited!! this is what YOU HAVE TO DO to entitle you to join the give away... so, good luck ^0~

8 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

wa.. pya kecik.. kalu sya hancur sda tu.. :)

rahma said...

hehehee... tu la bah tuh.. sy pun tekejut, keciknya... tp cute kan ^-^ blm keluar plastik lg ni, sy simpan jak takut ilang heheheee

★ whoaamello ★ said...

Aww (: Buttons are fun!

rahma said...

hi whoaamello!! yaa looo... heheheee ^0^

HoneyBUZZin said...

The buttons are sooo pretty....and so tiny. Kasi gam di hairclip pun ok ba..

rahma said...

hi honey... ya lo, sy pun tekejut by the time i opened the package. dui, kicinyaa... ooo ya kan, blh tmpl d hairclip plak kan... good idea... ^0^

Alviana said...

very very cute buttons!
looking forward with the handbag and pouch.
must be super cute :)

rahma said...

hi alviana... heheheee ya lo, me oso cant wait for the result... :)

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