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Thursday, May 28

glory, glory...... not so glory anymore... ^-^

miahahahahaaaa (nadia, i borrow ur laugh ya... ^-^ ) BIGGGG congratulations to Barca!!! (hubby said i should congratulates Barcelona instead of laughing at MU's fan) but i can't help it.... hahahahaaaaaa.... ^0^

2 - 0

i purposedly make this entry especially to my little bro and to all of you who are truely, madly, deeply a big fan of Manchester United!! heheheee

am not a big fan of either teams actually, am always a true fan of Liverpool, but knowing that MU lost to Barca, am satisfied... heheheee...

Barca WINS!!!!


2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

MIahahaa.. ba pinjam ja ba.. :) hihi.. alalala.. Kris is a big fan of MU oo, kecewa dia..nasib dia nda tgk dia bilang..huahua...

rahma said...

hehehee... o yaka. me n hubby, km dua2 sokong liverpool. my youngest brother la yg fanatik MU ni. hehehe... mesti dia frust tu kan, MU kalah... :)

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