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Friday, May 15

from the mines, KL to mantanani island, KB

as i promised you, these are some photos that i want to show you.

first three photos was taken during MAHA exhibition at the Mines, KL. was there with kimora san. If am not mistaken, it was in 2004. photo below was me with.... hhhmmm... can't really remember his name, but he's an actor. he used to acted in colonial drama few years back. i loved watching him acting, and he's my mom's fav. so this photo actually for my mom... hehehee

kimora san took this photo of me...

kimora and me with 2 other sabah fisheries department's staffs and sarah raisuddin (singer)...

the other 4 photos was taken during our trip to Mantanani Island, Kota Belud. such a beautiful island!! white sandy beach and the blue waters... even though i donno how to swim, i was so eager to go into the water... lucky i hv two kinda expert with me during the trip... heheheee thanks sof, thanks sal... luv u both so much, mmmuaaahhh!!!!

after a few times trying to snorkle :p i ended up laying on the boat.... am a bit dizzy and not feeling so well at the time.

me and sof... i hv a bad mood due to my sickness and sof was trying to comfort me... "mari tie, kt ambi gmbr... hehehee"

me and sal... smiling faces. my photo before went down snorkle..

we travel about 6 hours by pick up (prebet sapu... not prebetsabu eheheee) from Kota Belud to Rampayan's jetty... when we get there, the boat doesn't want to send us to the island. so headed back to KB then to Kuala Abai's jetty. luckily there's one boat was heading to the island. so, off we go... it's not the only issue we need to deal with, there's more .... especially, the story about our dinner at the resort. *&^%^(( "taik hidung masin betul tu owner!!!" months after our visit we heard the lady who owned the resort passed away, sources said due to heart attacked... hhhmmm... i don't really remember if we put a curse on her after what she had done to us???!!! anw, may her soul rest in peace...

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kimora said...

LOL down to memory lane, masih kurus lagi sana kakaka

Alviana said...

wah sioknya pg snorkling hehehe... bah nanti pg langkawi, sedia2 la beach gear juga hehehe.. :)

costnya, sy pn tdk pasti coz sy punya kena tanggung sepenuhnya. tinggal bw duit poket. (siok kan :P) sy estimate RM2000++ juga, masuk air fare :)

rahma said...

iya kan... heheheee mcm lama betul sdh ni... aku pun tekejut ni gmbr masih ada. ingtkan hilang suda heheee

rahma said...

rahma to alviana :
wah wah wah... siok la kana tanggung... ooo 2000+++ klu dua org, doubled la tuh kan... hmmm paling selamat kasi lebih jd nada mslh klu d sn nnt kan... hhhmmm mo kumpul duit laini ^-^

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