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Wednesday, May 13

Eastern Plaza, Tawau

it's another post about our trip to Tawau last 2 weeks. There's a new shopping complex in Tawau so hubby and me went there to checked out. It was ok, i guess. Not so many retails shop yet... some of the area are still under construction. The complex's staffs was busy preparing for the launching which will be held on the next day, so it was a bit chaos and crowded with people whose watching the mini concert at the ground floor.

like the chandelier, simple and it's black

this lady, she has a great voice. she sang the song from "the Bodyguard" movie, hhmmm can't really remember the song title, it's one of whitney houston's songs. honestly, this lady has a great voice compare to our pop idol, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. and she even sings better than the original singer herself!

really dissapointed... why is it so hard to look for other dustbin when it was full. or should we blame the person whose in charge for not collecting it??!!

one thing that made me ponder, even hubby was surprised. there was so many people inside the plaza, but the parking lot was only half full. we were wondering where this people park their cars??? hhmmm...

oooo they're here... at the side road outside the plaza! i wonder why they parked here rather than parking inside the plaza...???!!!

and... this is my dad's car. his fav old model benz. we've been using it ever since the first day we arrived ^-^ thanks dad for lending the benz to us... luv u so much!!

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