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Monday, May 18

finally, i got it!!!

i was suppose to post this entry last saturday but i was caught up with my social thingy... heheee... everyone, guest what, finally i've got it!! yeayyyy!! i've been waiting for this since last month and can't wait for it to come to sabah. no wonder i never see the duck anymore, and it was replaced with the turtle surfing on his own shell!! heheheee... i know, i know, maybe some of you knows what 'tis. and the rest are still wondering what the heck i was talking about... well, everyone digi broadband is here!!! it's really here!!! i know they already launched it in KL a few months back. no offense, but to tell you the truth am a truly loyal digi user!! "DIGI ~ ALWAYS THE SMATER CHOICE" ^0^

yup, and i was so thrilled when i came to know that digi has it own broadband and finally, last friday hubby and i went to karamunsing to get it!! and the most, bestest (hhhmmm) part is hubby will pay the bills heheheee... luv u abg adie!!! mmmuuuahhh.... ^-^

digi was launching its first broadband in sabah at karamunsing complex, kota kinabalu from 15th - 17th may 2009. fyi, digi broadband offers you 3 packages which are 'discover, explore and extreme'. and the best part is if you register for explore and extreme on that day, youl'll get free modem. as for discover package you just hv to pay 15MYR for the modem. if you already hv your own modem, then you only need to buy the sim card. in junction of the launching ceremony on that day, digi's also having a lucky draw contest. if you are lucky enough, you'll stands a chance to win a HP new laptop!! but then you hv to register first to make you qualify for the lucky draw.

anw, after short discussion with hubby, we decided to go for explore package coz hubby said it is suitable for those who are into blogging and social connection. if you like to download movies or songs or anything, and you love to play online games, your better choice is extreme package. and discover package is suitable for those who are rarely surf the net with a lower downloading volume.

and, since i go for explore package, herewith i attached the comparison chart for explore only... and for more info, you can surf the site, www.digi.com.my/boradband ^-^

he's now my fav animal besides duck!! ^0^

though am not lucky enough to bring home the HP new laptop but am satisfied with the recyclable digi bag with modem pouch in it! ^-^

** community reach by digi is brought to you by pearlstudearrings ^-^

6 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

Yeah.. gumbira oo kan digi ada broadband sda.. tgu lu sya beli laptop br sya mo p beli tu broadband :) tgl 3g lagi digi blum ada..huhu...

rahma said...

yalo... sgt2 gumbira... ada sdh digi pny 3g tp sekitar kk smpi kolombong jak la. tmpt lain blm ada lagi. kemarin sa guna ni broadband d uni apartment, ok jgk, means area dkt2 dgn 1B blh pki laini ^-^

Ratnariz said...

laju ka beb ..tu broadband?? and how much pakej nya tu...? hehhe..cam mau gak tau..since i always on the move..

rahma said...

if you stay dkt area kk, kolombong n 1B, yup its very convenient la. tmpt lain blm ada 3g. it has 700kbps, so mmg laju. for my package tu monthly rm123. klu discover dlm 58-6o++ permonth. and extreme is rm188 permonth. ^-^

Alviana said...

cool! & good for u! hehehe
klu sy ni, blum tahap broadband lagi..
masih lg sama tu strameyx kecil2an di rumah
(and sedikit curi tulang di ofis) hehehehe

mcm siok tau. len kali la :)

rahma said...

hi viana... yup, am glad i hv that, so blh la surf tenet d rmh. tp rmh yg d uni apartment jak la, coz rmh d ketiau x dpt.
steamyx pun ok what...
heheheee ya lo, sa pun selalu curi2 d ofis jgk ahaks!!

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