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Thursday, May 7

i was craving for carbonara mushroom

i can't really remember when but i think it was on weekend. i was sooooo into carbonara. was thinking of going to pizza hut and grab some. but instead of wasting my 10MYR for pizza hut pasta, why not am cooking it. so, me n hubby went for our groceries shopping and bought some stuff for my pasta.... heheheee

the next day, it was saturday if am not mistaken. hubby was away for work and later went to recording studio, so it's only me and after finished my laundry i started my cooking project... heheheee

fyi, when it comes to pasta, i would prefer campbells products ^-^

yess!! this is it... looks yummy hhhmmmm.... while watching American Idol rerun and Paris Hilton new bff, am having this!! \^0^/ mmmmmmm.....

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

via said...

yummy yumm yumm...i love pasta so much...once in a week i must cook pasta for my family...the funny things is when i cook, i make it in a large amount so that i can send some to my family at kampung.My Granny said urang putih kampung punya masakan. Anyway my tummy is krrrrrrooooookkkk already oooo...lapar.

rahma said...

heheheee... mcm sy pun mo mkn lagi ni pasta... hmmm mo beli bahan2 la ni nnt ^0^

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