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Thursday, May 7

my sunday in rome... ^-^

heheheheeeee... suspen ka tajuknya tuh... if you're tawaurian or you've been to tawau, surely you'll familiar with this place... pasar rombengan!! i don't know what they call it in english, but this is the place where you can find second hand stuffs. from shirts to curtains, bedsheet and even sexy lingerie!! the price was sooooo cheap. if you don't mind using a 2nd hand items, this is your heaven. they also sell shirts and dresses for new born with the price as low as 1MYR!! but then you need to do the bargain first.


evening dress, i don't know the price is

wedding gown!!

all kinds of jeans

bed sheets

more sheets

comforter... for a good bargain, you can get this for only 40MYR to 50MYR

curtains... noticed the yellow one, it is only 70MYR a sets

curtains some more...

dress... white and pink stripes looks cute ehh...

we were at my grandma's (my mom's aunt) house last sunday at Kg. Titingan. besides seeing my grandma, we were there to see my SIL.... my SIL (hubby's older sister) happens to married my grandma's older son. and 'rome' is just near the house so we decided to take a look. am looking for curtains act for the new house at uni apartment. found one but am decided not to buy it, which is i don't know why... maybe because the weather was too hot.... looked at hubby, and he was giving me "that look" so we headed home.

*** saja ambi gmbr doggy... sporting betul doggy ni, ms sy halakan camera hp doggy tu terus angkat muka n pose... cute plak!! ^-^

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Cik Rama2 Beku said...

wah..ada entry pasal Rome lg..besh2..lama juga sdh ndak pegi cni..last pegi masa ngn kwn2..patung2 pn dorg jual murah..original lg..hihi..eh kak, napa balik tawau ndak dtg umah??=p

Alviana said...

wah sioknya! hehe.
cni sandakan pun banyak tu
tapi jarang juga pigi, klu beli pun ntah mana mau simpan hehehe
great post :)

masviona said...

hehehe..ingtkan betul² kat romedah tadi...:)bila saya pegi sabah leh la bawak saya jenjalan sana...boleh bah????hiksss

rahma said...

rahma to rama2 :
iya, lupa plak bgtau ada jg patung n handbag kan... heheheee... kakak nda tau plak rmh d mana? kakak p lepak2 rmh pg hj suda bah tuh, wajib kan p sn klu blk twu sap wakilkan MIL kakak. MIL kakak rapat dgn besannya ni kunu... heheheee

rahma to alviana :
ooo ya kan, sn pun ada jgk... mcm d sabah ni byk bah gitu kan. klu d kk ni d inanam n putatan yg selalu ada... tp sini kk pggl "bundle" ^0^

rahma to masviona :
hehehe... suspen bah tuh!! boleh, insya Allah, klu dtg sabah habaq mai na... nnt sy bw p sana ^0^

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