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Wednesday, April 8

fast n furious 4

hi there... hubby n me went for a movie last night. we don't hv anything in mind, we only decided which movie we wanna see once we get there. after a quick discussion, we chose Fast & Furious 4. am not into a car actually, but since i married hubby i kinda know what kinda of coolest car for a guy!! heheheeee.... am quite impressed with car modification that they visualized last night. hubby thought me a lot about modified car, n now i know what a 'full moon' rim is... :p

anw, Fast n Furious 4 i would say was the best FnF so far. I watch FnF 1 because i like the hero... ahaks!! not really admire him in Too Fast Too Furious... and i HATE Tokyo Drift!! i don't know why, maybe because of the soundtrack.... hhhmmm... but for FnF 4, like it so much... some says its forgettable movie but if you compare to previous FnF, this is the memorable episode. according to rottentomatoes.com, FnF 4 managed to collect $72.5m opening!! and add up $30.1m for a global launch of $102.6m!!!!! fuuuuuhhhh!!!!

it's a great movie and i surely recommend you to watch it!! especially those who are really into modified cars. do you know they also hv 'hybrid car'??!! ^-^ btw, there's some scenes that not look so real to me... hhhmmmm... well, somehow it's just a movie...

the movie team up the old member, vin diesel (dom torreto) and paul walker (brian o'conner), and they work together to get to Braga, mexican drug dealer, but with different agenda.

***p/s: can't wait for transformers and x-man origin:wolverine... or should i add terminator salvation in me list...???!!! ^-^

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Budi said...

waa.. since aku balik tawau mmg x pernah lagi tgk wayang d sini.. maybe nanti la time transformer..

rahma said...

heh! wa, apa la ko buat sn tuh... nda boring ka?? p la sekali sekala tgk wyg... ajak bah c ida tuh... nda pun bw ahmad la.. ^-^
**pssstttt: klu ko cr kwn p tgk wyg, ko cr jak c rano... heheheee... VVIP GSC bah dia tu :p

Budi said...

byk jgk aktiviti ku di tawau ni ba terutama tawaubloggers tu.. byk kami punya aktiviti.. aku ni x jgk la kaki wayang.. tp masa d semenanjung ada jgk la aku p tgk wayang bersama rakan rakan..di tawau ni mmg dak pernah..susah ba bawak c ahmad p wayang. nanti banyak dia tanya dalam wayang tu.. tau la dia tu kan.. dak bole diam mulutnya becakap.. hehehehe.. hantu wayang ka c rano? ba nanti aku cari dia p tgk transformer sama sama

rahma said...

wah, bestnya... aktif plak blogger tawau ni.

ya, ya, ajak la c rano... di atu "kaki wayang era"... ahaks!

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