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Thursday, April 30

wallpaper tag ^-^

being tag by butterfly frost... and this tag is about your current wallpaper. hhhmmm... i've second thought to do this tag because my wallpaper has hubby's face. need to do something to cover hubby's face before i posted. ok, don't ask me because i also don't know why is he being so mysterious.... hmmmm... anw, the rules are...

1. printscreen your wallpaper now... see photo above

2. why do you like it... because we look adorable on that picture. act, it was my new scrappy project. photo's taken during my friend's, zar, wedding.

3. tag 10 other friend/blogger.... ooooo, i like doing this heeee

kimora san
greg ~~ you can do this once you're back, okie!! ^-^

and would love to tag every and each one of you!!!

4 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Ratnariz said...

donno how to print screen la beb..kekek ajar konok..buta it bah ni..hehehe

rahma said...

^-^ oready leave a comment on prt sc in ur blog ya... me pun br jgk tau print2 screen ni... pun pndi nyanyat jgk, semua pun mo print screen kikikiii

Kris and Nadia said...

alalalaa rahma sori .. sya nda dpt print screen ni.. ntah napa komp sya nda dpt print screen :)

rahma said...

nda pa... ambi gmbr jak la... heheheee....
ok ba tu, teda apa2 jgk... ^0~

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