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Friday, April 3

my 2nd and 3rd grandchildren ^-^

i just got new grand daughter and grandson!! my nephew just got twins, boy and girl. i don't know which one comes first... wah, so happy!!! i guess my cousin will be veeeeeeerrrrryy bz with this two new little fellow!! actually this is my cousin's grandchildren, so i guess it's consider mine oso...heheheeee...

i only hv photo of bb girl, still wait for them to send me photo of bb boy... isn't she adorable... i guess all babies are adorable ya??!! i still dunno her name yet..

ahmad zarif adam... this is the 1st great grandson in our family... (my mom's side)... son of my niece... very active and talkative.. and fun to be with!! ^0^

hhhmmmm... well, this is definitely not my grand daughter.. heheheee.. this is my bestfriend, mardhiah. we've been friends for almost 11 years oready. we knew each other since 1998, we were study at UMS at that time and were housemates. we still contacted each other. she just emailed me the photo of her and her mom.

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