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Wednesday, April 1

vote for sipadan!!

Sipadan Island has been nominated as a new 7 wonders of nature by divers who have been there before. i've placed my vote, so now is your turn to make our nature proud.... fyi, there are 261 places around the world qualified for the second phase of the official New7Wonders of Nature Campaign. the first campaign was ended 31 December 2008 and now they are competing for the top 77. you can vote for Sipadan at www.new7wonders.com/nature now and get your free download certificate... we have 1 voice and seven votes... \(^0^)/

i remember the first and last time i've been to Sipadan was 2005 if am not mistaken. i was in Semporna for two weeks to attend "workshop on cosmetic proccessing using seaweed as a base". we hv a chance to go to Mabul and Sipadan Island. such a beauuuuuuutiful islands!! we are not allowed to snorkel or diving in Sipadan at that time due to "Abu Sayyaf" abduction, though we can snorkel in Mabul Island. and we are forbidden to take photos even from the boat!! poor us.... and there's a number of Malaysian army patroling around the island too.

anw, friends... go, go, go, go.... register your email and vote now!

** UPDATE...

just received new info on sipadan from a friend, byyta (currently she's working with dr. liz wood from darwin project in semporna). she said that some of the corals in sipadan seriously damaged!! THIS IS BAD... VERY BAD!!!! God, people, please la, LOVE YOUR MARINE....... am dissapointed... :((((

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

HoneyBUZZin said...

One vote from me!

rahma said...

yeayyyyy!!!! ^0^

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