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Saturday, April 4

purse tag from nadia n izan

am being tagged by nadia n izan on what's inside my purse. i remember my first tag thing i post for my blog was about 'what's in my bag?'.... well, here's the deal...

1. snap picture of inner and outer of your purse
~~ done!!

2. introduce your purse brand, price and where you buy.
~~ it's anna sui... am started to collect all the anna sui's products actually. bought it at gaya street. and it cost me around 35-45MYR, if am not mistaken... ^-^

3. take out whatever its inside your purse.
~~ yooo... i forgot to do that... hhmmm... well, anw... i got my licence, my id, my bank cards, my credit card, my survey point card, mesra-bonuslink-alfio raldo cards. andd as you can noticed the part with the zipper there... yes, am a good collector... ^-^ i keep all my receipts especially from survey because it has discount coupon on it... heheheeee....

ehhh, something missing...??!! where's the money?? fyi, i got a few small pouch and purse coins inside my handbag. so, just figure out where's my money hv been scattered to!! ^0~

4. tagged other 7 person
~~ hhhmmmm.... as usual;

kimora san
rama2 beku
greg chai ~~ let see what man hv inside their wallet....

5. comment on your fren's (who tagged you) purse...
~~ so i guess i hv to give a comment to nadia's n izan's... simple n organized... they know exactly what's inside thier purse... sometimes people wondering how things can get into thier purse... hhhmmmm....

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

GregChai said...

hehehehe, ini tag no.2 pasal wallet hehehehe bah nanti sia post juga pasal ni tapi kasi can dulu kawan-kawan lain hehehehehe .... kasi unsur suspen konon, penantian suatu penyiksaan hahahaha suka la sia kasi siksa urang :D

rahma said...

kuang...kuang...kuang... heheheeee.. ^-^ ya, betul2...

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